Niteshade Inc Podcast 32 - Crows Labyrinth

April Larson - Morning Mist
Chroma Key - Hell Mary
Grey Frequency - When Do We Dream?
Roofhare - No Silver Lining
Crows Labyrinth - Influx
Wolfgang Merx - Drone State
Ian Haygreen - Lone Voice in the Night
Schemawound - Poisoned By The Sun
Eigenfrequenz - Frequenz 12: Delayed Reaction
Aldfrith - High-Dimensional Quasi-Random Induction


Niteshade Inc Podcast 31 - Dj Stolen

Special Request - Capsules (Lee Gamble Full Length Remix)
Hayfever - Ground Collapse (Mickey Pearce Remix)
Asusu - Velez
Boddika - Black
Pinch - Obsession (The Possession)
Beneath - Stress 1
Fis-T - Deep Mover
Paleman - Half Out
Will Berridge - Wednesday
J:Kenzo - TVR
Wen - Lunar (feat. Blackdown)
Caski - Elephant Tribe
Radio Slave - Don't Stop No Sleep
Objekt - Fishbone
Wiley - Morgue
Logos - Night Flight
Peverelist - Roll With the Punches
Skream - Smokers
Ramadanman - Glut
Ishan Sound & Kahn - Namkha (Kahn Remix)

Dj Stolen soundcloud
Dj Stolen twitter

Niteshade Inc Podcast 30 - Tiltmode

This one has been a long time coming. Tiltmode has been in our peripheral for awhile now. We are glad to present to you a killer mix straight outta Glasgow. Keep an eye on Mr Tilts soundcloud for his productions/mixes and show some love over at his bandcamp page.

Track List:
folklore - wounding knife - unreleased
tiltmode - teal love - unreleased
ghostek & rooflight - farsight
volor flex - stranded
burial - near dark
ghostek - forgiven & forgotten friends
folklore - corryvreckan skarbay - unreleased
celestial trax - swallowing smoke - unreleased
gronos1 - i can give - unreleased
gronos1 - what i need - unreleased
rabit - red candles
celestial trax - wax forest
ursula - the mountain - unreleased

Tiltmode Links

Niteshade Inc Podcast 29 - Riz La Teef

Niteshade Inc Podcast 29 from Riz La Teef drops! A 100% acetate/vinyl ting! Enjoy.

Etch - Predator (Dubplate)
Beneath - Still Hurts (No Symbols)
Hodge - Renegades (Dnuos Ytivil)
Facta - Poliwhirl (Dubplate)
Rope - Cotham Warrior (Dubplate)
RIko - Rise (Sully Mix) (Dubplate)
Wen - Swingin' (Badimup)
Apple - Chantes (White)
Zinc - Flim (Horsepower Remix) (Bingo Beats)
Lil Silva - Pulse vs. Flex (White)
Last Japan - Harca (Free DL)
LOOM - Gone (Dubplate)
Wen - Commotion VIP (Keysound)
Silas & Snare Surgeon - Megane (Dubplate)
Toasty - Bump (Dubplate)
PLATA - KRU (MssingNo Remix) (Dubplate)
Mizz Beats - Pimpin' (White)
E.m.m.a - Boat Life (Dubplate)
DJ Abstract - Touch (Tempa)
Seven Wonders - Crazy (DFL)

Riz La Teef Links:

Niteshade Inc Podcast 28 - Loom

Another killer mix from an artist we think you should keep an eye on. Shouts to Loom for taking the time to sort us this mix. Instrumental grime is still evolving, watch this space! (and Looms links below)


Niteshade Inc Podcast 27 - Apoplexia

Apoplexia has been on the Niteshade Inc radar for some time now. Finally we have a mix AND a rmx out of him! We are predicting big things from this young and gifted Canadian. Watch this space!

 Check out his remix of Nphonix & Place2b's 'It Rains'

Links to his mixes, productions and other remixed works:

Mentha - Subaltern Radio 03/04/2014

Wicked mix from our good friend Mentha on Sub Fm here! Rare likkle Strago and Snooks dub in the mix there too :o


Niteshade Inc Podcast 26 - Nammy Wams

Another killer Podcast this time we thought we would have some instrumental grime. This dub filled mix is from Nammy Wams. Check out his links below and show some support.

Nammy Wams Links:

Niteshade Inc Podcast 25 - JT

Record shop regular and all round top geeza JT in the mix with his bag of dnb. Its been a while since our last podcast, this will more than make up for that! 100 % vinyl, 100% drum and bass!

Be sure to check out JT's other mixes on his soundcloud page:
Jules T Music

Niteshadeinc Podcast 24 - Lostlojic

It's that time of the year again! Our official Christmas podcast is supplied by Ukrainian producer Lostlojic, a man with a few vinyl under his belt already and hopefully will be gracing Niteshade Inc's roster in 2014!  If you like garage/2step with ambient and techno production values you will find this right up your street. We hope you all have a great Christmas! Make sure to check Lostlojics links below and keep your eyes out for him in the new year. 2014 here we come!

Ghostek - Heretic
Ghostek - No way out
Chaos in the cbd - Rolling 84s
Kodiak - Dragon Drop (Eliphino Remix)
Kodiak - Egyptian Kings   
LPZ - Without You
Bodhi - No More
cassio kohl - Broken
Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
Eliphino - Understand
Palace - Eclipse
Lostlojic - Disnight
Delta X - Mind Me
Lostlojic - Truone
Lostlojic - Getout
Ext - I Used To Say (Delta X Remix)
Youan - When You're Around
Lostlojic - So Much (Delta X 90's To Future Remix)
Liar - Gunmother knows best
Letherette - After Dawn (Barker and Baumecker Remix)
Abstrakt Vibration & 13thn - Broken Decays
Volor Flex & Losltojic - World Turns To Dust

Niteshadeinc Podcast 23 - Neffa-T

Badman Dj Neffa-T in the mix with some old school instrumentals and a couple of new bits for the heads that know. Skaaank ouut! :)

Skream - Korma
Clue Kid - Down And Dirty
Bigshot - Glitch
Preditah - Gully
Bloom - Maze Temple
Plasticman - PWND
J Sweet - Ratz
Youngstar - Bongcat Riddim
Wiley - SS Exclusive Track 5
Dot Rotten - Beautiful
Sukh Knight - Up In Smoke
Hindzy D - Bar'Barous
Macabre Unit - 1000 Years From Now
Wiley - Morgue
Skream - Hag
Footsie - Its War (Remix)
RSD - Over It 
Neffa-T Links

Snooks @ Reprezent FM

Edit of the interview and mixes I did for the Forecast show on Reprezent FM. Enjoy!

Check out Reprezent Fm

I dream of wires

Mentha Substruct Audio Mix Live

Shouts to the Mentha for the continued support! The Subaltern crew have a new 12" out and nights coming up so check Menthas links for more info.

Niteshadeinc Podcast 22 - Mechanical Pressure

After creating an amazing remix of Nphonix & Place2b's 'It Rains' (still available here as a free dl) we thought we would get Mechanical Pressure to get some of his own productions together for a podcast. He delivered the goods...... Some deep dubs in here...

Track List:
01. Mechanical Pressure - Worship (WOW Signal)
02. Mechanical Pressure - Sindhu (dubplate)
03. Strago - 4117 (Niteshade Inc)
04. Mechanical Pressure - Mahayana (WOW Signal)
05. Mechanical Pressure - Tenderness (dubplate)
06. Strago & Snooks - Pills (Niteshade Inc)
07. Mechanical Pressure - Rukmini (WOW Signal)
08. Nphonix & Place 2b - It Rains (Niteshade Inc)
09. Mechanical Pressure - Kiberdayn Systems (dubplate)
10. Mechanical Pressure - Suzerain (dubplate)
11. Mechanical Pressure - Accidentia (Hopskotch)
12. Mechanical Pressure - Fluttuazione (Hopskotch)
13. Haxxy & Mechanical Pressure - City Of Ghost (dubplate)
14. Strago & Snooks - Pot Stir (Niteshade Inc)
15. Mechanical Pressure - Terraformation (dubplate)
16. Strago & Snooks - Infect (Niteshade Inc)
17. Slaven - Fragment (Macabre Unit Digital)
18. Seven & Dubtek - Stratosfear (Uprise Audio)
19. Muk - Gengar (Sub Concentrate)
20. Seven & Joe Raygun - Live From The Future (Uprise Audio)
21. Mechanical Pressure - Heritage Of Humanity (WOW Signal)

Mechanical Pressure's links

The Next Chapter 08.10.13

Baadd selection from the Flight pon Rinse one again..