Niteshadeinc Podcast 24 - Lostlojic

It's that time of the year again! Our official Christmas podcast is supplied by Ukrainian producer Lostlojic, a man with a few vinyl under his belt already and hopefully will be gracing Niteshade Inc's roster in 2014!  If you like garage/2step with ambient and techno production values you will find this right up your street. We hope you all have a great Christmas! Make sure to check Lostlojics links below and keep your eyes out for him in the new year. 2014 here we come!

Ghostek - Heretic
Ghostek - No way out
Chaos in the cbd - Rolling 84s
Kodiak - Dragon Drop (Eliphino Remix)
Kodiak - Egyptian Kings   
LPZ - Without You
Bodhi - No More
cassio kohl - Broken
Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
Eliphino - Understand
Palace - Eclipse
Lostlojic - Disnight
Delta X - Mind Me
Lostlojic - Truone
Lostlojic - Getout
Ext - I Used To Say (Delta X Remix)
Youan - When You're Around
Lostlojic - So Much (Delta X 90's To Future Remix)
Liar - Gunmother knows best
Letherette - After Dawn (Barker and Baumecker Remix)
Abstrakt Vibration & 13thn - Broken Decays
Volor Flex & Losltojic - World Turns To Dust

Niteshadeinc Podcast 23 - Neffa-T

Badman Dj Neffa-T in the mix with some old school instrumentals and a couple of new bits for the heads that know. Skaaank ouut! :)

Skream - Korma
Clue Kid - Down And Dirty
Bigshot - Glitch
Preditah - Gully
Bloom - Maze Temple
Plasticman - PWND
J Sweet - Ratz
Youngstar - Bongcat Riddim
Wiley - SS Exclusive Track 5
Dot Rotten - Beautiful
Sukh Knight - Up In Smoke
Hindzy D - Bar'Barous
Macabre Unit - 1000 Years From Now
Wiley - Morgue
Skream - Hag
Footsie - Its War (Remix)
RSD - Over It 
Neffa-T Links

Snooks @ Reprezent FM

Edit of the interview and mixes I did for the Forecast show on Reprezent FM. Enjoy!

Check out Reprezent Fm

I dream of wires

Mentha Substruct Audio Mix Live

Shouts to the Mentha for the continued support! The Subaltern crew have a new 12" out and nights coming up so check Menthas links for more info.

Niteshadeinc Podcast 22 - Mechanical Pressure

After creating an amazing remix of Nphonix & Place2b's 'It Rains' (still available here as a free dl) we thought we would get Mechanical Pressure to get some of his own productions together for a podcast. He delivered the goods...... Some deep dubs in here...

Track List:
01. Mechanical Pressure - Worship (WOW Signal)
02. Mechanical Pressure - Sindhu (dubplate)
03. Strago - 4117 (Niteshade Inc)
04. Mechanical Pressure - Mahayana (WOW Signal)
05. Mechanical Pressure - Tenderness (dubplate)
06. Strago & Snooks - Pills (Niteshade Inc)
07. Mechanical Pressure - Rukmini (WOW Signal)
08. Nphonix & Place 2b - It Rains (Niteshade Inc)
09. Mechanical Pressure - Kiberdayn Systems (dubplate)
10. Mechanical Pressure - Suzerain (dubplate)
11. Mechanical Pressure - Accidentia (Hopskotch)
12. Mechanical Pressure - Fluttuazione (Hopskotch)
13. Haxxy & Mechanical Pressure - City Of Ghost (dubplate)
14. Strago & Snooks - Pot Stir (Niteshade Inc)
15. Mechanical Pressure - Terraformation (dubplate)
16. Strago & Snooks - Infect (Niteshade Inc)
17. Slaven - Fragment (Macabre Unit Digital)
18. Seven & Dubtek - Stratosfear (Uprise Audio)
19. Muk - Gengar (Sub Concentrate)
20. Seven & Joe Raygun - Live From The Future (Uprise Audio)
21. Mechanical Pressure - Heritage Of Humanity (WOW Signal)

Mechanical Pressure's links

The Next Chapter 08.10.13

Baadd selection from the Flight pon Rinse one again..

Fourtet Rinse Fm 8hr Takeover

Snooks Interview @ Reprezent Fm Pt 1

Check this out its the first part in a four part series for the Forecast show on Reprezent Fm. I was interviewed and spoke about working as a record buyer at BM Soho, running my label Niteshade Inc, current vinyl sales and the industry in general. I also provide a 15min taster mix each week so if you like it, make sure you tune in this Thurs 7-9pm 107.3fm on the dial! (or via the web player, links below)

(Interview/Mix starts @ 1:43:20)

15min Taster Mix Track List
Author - Innovate
Strago - Nautilus (Forthcoming Niteshade Inc)
Black Sun Empire - Black River Baby
Scanone - Scene 7
Consequence - Oeraser


TinyType Devils & Angels Mix

Wicked selection from Austria's TinyType. Thanks for supporting our tracks as well!

SWM Live Session 1 - Snooks

Mantis Radio #140

Shout out to DVNT for dropping the Mechanical Pressure rmx of 'It Rains' in this session for Mantis Radio featuring Kial.


Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Fracture’s Astrophonica remix) [Ninja Tune]
DJ Rap – Digable Bass (Heaven remix) [Proper Talent]
EUS – Erget I [Contradicta]
Huerco S. – Struck with Deer Lungs [Software]
Etch – Hybrid [Keysound]
Refrakted – Convolution 4 [Reaktivate]
Phat Chex – Drunken Master [dub]
James Ruskin – What Falls To The Ground [Jealous God]
Calman – Perc [Audioexit]
Renaissance Man – Journey [Black Ocean]
T++ – Worn Down [Erosion]
Sync 24 – This Life (The Exaltics remix) [Electrix]
Oyaarss – Umbra (C Mantle remix) [Nukapa Records]
Yuuki Sakai – Picasso [Warm Up Recordings]
GRYPT – Brown + Orange Streaks [Tundra Dubs]
Einstürzende Neubauten + Perc – Rivieradub [SUBMIT]
Senking – Enduro Bones [Raster Noton]
Nphonix + Place 2B – It Rains (Mechanical Pressure remix) [Niteshade Inc.]
Sleeper – Impact Loss [Sleeper]
Matter – Layers [Kvitnu]

Darj – Ka’Andirah [Dub]
Haack – Vicious [FKOF]
Darj – Red Crypt [Dub]
Deafblind – Before the Crash [forth. Sub Pressure]
Subreachers – Dark Souls [Tuba]
TZR & Boot – Tower of Silence [forth. Requiem]
Deafblind – Substitution [Dub]
D-Operation Drop – Razorblade [Bacon Dubs]
Culprate – Nothing [Gradient Audio]
Sparxy x Dubfreq – Convulsion [Dub]
Biome – No Soul [Deep Heads]
Content x Deafblind x Mesck – Firewalker [Dub]
Sleeper – Pathogen [no label]
Rakoon – Still Alive [Tsunami Audio]
Reamz – Frostbit [Dub]
Adeh ft. Talabun MC – Animality [Dub]
Deafblind ft. Living Proof – My Salvation [Soul Step]
Aeolho – The Difference [Lutetia Dubz]


I'm really feeling this mix, shouts to DVNT for the tip! Darkly suffocating vibes from Derlich. Anyone who ends a mix with John Murphy's 'In the House in a Heartbeat' gets my vote.

Fracture x Star Warz

 10 Years Of Exit Promo Mix... wooooooo!