SWM Live Session 1 - Snooks

Mantis Radio #140

Shout out to DVNT for dropping the Mechanical Pressure rmx of 'It Rains' in this session for Mantis Radio featuring Kial.


Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Fracture’s Astrophonica remix) [Ninja Tune]
DJ Rap – Digable Bass (Heaven remix) [Proper Talent]
EUS – Erget I [Contradicta]
Huerco S. – Struck with Deer Lungs [Software]
Etch – Hybrid [Keysound]
Refrakted – Convolution 4 [Reaktivate]
Phat Chex – Drunken Master [dub]
James Ruskin – What Falls To The Ground [Jealous God]
Calman – Perc [Audioexit]
Renaissance Man – Journey [Black Ocean]
T++ – Worn Down [Erosion]
Sync 24 – This Life (The Exaltics remix) [Electrix]
Oyaarss – Umbra (C Mantle remix) [Nukapa Records]
Yuuki Sakai – Picasso [Warm Up Recordings]
GRYPT – Brown + Orange Streaks [Tundra Dubs]
Einstürzende Neubauten + Perc – Rivieradub [SUBMIT]
Senking – Enduro Bones [Raster Noton]
Nphonix + Place 2B – It Rains (Mechanical Pressure remix) [Niteshade Inc.]
Sleeper – Impact Loss [Sleeper]
Matter – Layers [Kvitnu]

Darj – Ka’Andirah [Dub]
Haack – Vicious [FKOF]
Darj – Red Crypt [Dub]
Deafblind – Before the Crash [forth. Sub Pressure]
Subreachers – Dark Souls [Tuba]
TZR & Boot – Tower of Silence [forth. Requiem]
Deafblind – Substitution [Dub]
D-Operation Drop – Razorblade [Bacon Dubs]
Culprate – Nothing [Gradient Audio]
Sparxy x Dubfreq – Convulsion [Dub]
Biome – No Soul [Deep Heads]
Content x Deafblind x Mesck – Firewalker [Dub]
Sleeper – Pathogen [no label]
Rakoon – Still Alive [Tsunami Audio]
Reamz – Frostbit [Dub]
Adeh ft. Talabun MC – Animality [Dub]
Deafblind ft. Living Proof – My Salvation [Soul Step]
Aeolho – The Difference [Lutetia Dubz]


I'm really feeling this mix, shouts to DVNT for the tip! Darkly suffocating vibes from Derlich. Anyone who ends a mix with John Murphy's 'In the House in a Heartbeat' gets my vote.

Fracture x Star Warz

 10 Years Of Exit Promo Mix... wooooooo!