Podcast 8: Paul Riley

We would like to wish all who have supported Niteshade Inc a great christmas and a happy new year! And what better way than to celebrate the coming of a new year than with a great guest podcast!

After enjoying this guys mixes we found through mixcloud (he runs a pretty good blog too) we thought we would hit him up and see if he wanted to do one for us.. He brought the goods.. In his own words:
It's an 'influences' mix with a lot of nods to some producers, labels, djs and record shops who inspire me and have become good friends through music in the last couple of years, namely Blackclassical, Seja Herói, Second Layer Records, Toby, Andrea and Ben at Svetlana Industries, Semtek and Bandshell.

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Track List:
Delia Derbyshire - Track 01
Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermange - Dreams (Edit B)
Marvin Gaye vs. Svarte Greiner - I've Got My Halves (Seja Herói's Ambient Edit)
Delia Derbyshire - Delia's Theme
Delia Derbyshire - Planetarium
Delia Derbyshire - Music Of Spheres
Daphne Oram - Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 3)
Daphne Oram - Fanfare Of Graphs
Daphne Oram - Studio Experiment No.5
Ursula Bogner - Soloresonanzen
Ursula Bogner - Für Ulrich
Ursula Bogner - Atmosphere 1
Ursula Bogner - Modes
Ursula Bogner - Speichen
Ursula Bogner - 2 Ton
Ursula Bogner - Metazoon
Irmin Schmidt and Bruno Spoerri - Rapido de Noir
Grouper - A Lie
Grouper - Moon Is Sharp
Vladimir Cosma - Psychochisme
Emuul - Expectations
Coil - Is Suicide a Solution?
Mika Vainio - In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart
Ricardo Donoso - The Deck Of An Ancient Ship
Agitation Free - Rücksturz
Can - Return To BB City
Tangerine Dream - Rain In NY City
Tangerine Dream - 8.07 And 5.23
Tangerine Dream - Creation
Tangerine Dream - Sunset Drive
Tangerine Dream - Airshaft
Tangerine Dream - Running Through The Hills
Tangerine Dream - Alley Walk
Tangerine Dream - Alien Voices
Tangerine Dream - Cyro Lab
Tangerine Dream - Healing
Dead Can Dance - Song of Sophia
Aphex Twin - Kesson Daslef
Soft Machine - French & German Lessons (Marbert Basement Extension)
Rodger Stella / Kites - Interior Moon Side A
Harmonia - Vamos Companeros
Jean-Michel Jarre - La Cage
Kraan - Die Maschine
Oval - Citibase
Cluster - Avanti
Holger Czukay - Persian Love
Harmonia - Hausmusik
Autechre - Weissensee Against Im Glück
Farben - Swinn Off
Can - Future Days (Carl Craig's Bladerunner Mix)
Hidden Hawaii Solaris Series - hh.q.ii.qq.bb.qqq.h.r.iii.rr.g.rrr.ddd.s.ii.ss.aaa.
Hype Williams - Warlord
Actress - Maze
BNJMN - One Sea (Lukid Remix)
Stanley Crouch - Ain't No Ambulances For No Nigguhs Tonight Part I

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Paul Riley's Mixcloud