Niteshadeinc Podcast 24 - Lostlojic

It's that time of the year again! Our official Christmas podcast is supplied by Ukrainian producer Lostlojic, a man with a few vinyl under his belt already and hopefully will be gracing Niteshade Inc's roster in 2014!  If you like garage/2step with ambient and techno production values you will find this right up your street. We hope you all have a great Christmas! Make sure to check Lostlojics links below and keep your eyes out for him in the new year. 2014 here we come!

Ghostek - Heretic
Ghostek - No way out
Chaos in the cbd - Rolling 84s
Kodiak - Dragon Drop (Eliphino Remix)
Kodiak - Egyptian Kings   
LPZ - Without You
Bodhi - No More
cassio kohl - Broken
Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
Eliphino - Understand
Palace - Eclipse
Lostlojic - Disnight
Delta X - Mind Me
Lostlojic - Truone
Lostlojic - Getout
Ext - I Used To Say (Delta X Remix)
Youan - When You're Around
Lostlojic - So Much (Delta X 90's To Future Remix)
Liar - Gunmother knows best
Letherette - After Dawn (Barker and Baumecker Remix)
Abstrakt Vibration & 13thn - Broken Decays
Volor Flex & Losltojic - World Turns To Dust

Niteshadeinc Podcast 23 - Neffa-T

Badman Dj Neffa-T in the mix with some old school instrumentals and a couple of new bits for the heads that know. Skaaank ouut! :)

Skream - Korma
Clue Kid - Down And Dirty
Bigshot - Glitch
Preditah - Gully
Bloom - Maze Temple
Plasticman - PWND
J Sweet - Ratz
Youngstar - Bongcat Riddim
Wiley - SS Exclusive Track 5
Dot Rotten - Beautiful
Sukh Knight - Up In Smoke
Hindzy D - Bar'Barous
Macabre Unit - 1000 Years From Now
Wiley - Morgue
Skream - Hag
Footsie - Its War (Remix)
RSD - Over It 
Neffa-T Links

Snooks @ Reprezent FM

Edit of the interview and mixes I did for the Forecast show on Reprezent FM. Enjoy!

Check out Reprezent Fm

I dream of wires

Mentha Substruct Audio Mix Live

Shouts to the Mentha for the continued support! The Subaltern crew have a new 12" out and nights coming up so check Menthas links for more info.

Niteshadeinc Podcast 22 - Mechanical Pressure

After creating an amazing remix of Nphonix & Place2b's 'It Rains' (still available here as a free dl) we thought we would get Mechanical Pressure to get some of his own productions together for a podcast. He delivered the goods...... Some deep dubs in here...

Track List:
01. Mechanical Pressure - Worship (WOW Signal)
02. Mechanical Pressure - Sindhu (dubplate)
03. Strago - 4117 (Niteshade Inc)
04. Mechanical Pressure - Mahayana (WOW Signal)
05. Mechanical Pressure - Tenderness (dubplate)
06. Strago & Snooks - Pills (Niteshade Inc)
07. Mechanical Pressure - Rukmini (WOW Signal)
08. Nphonix & Place 2b - It Rains (Niteshade Inc)
09. Mechanical Pressure - Kiberdayn Systems (dubplate)
10. Mechanical Pressure - Suzerain (dubplate)
11. Mechanical Pressure - Accidentia (Hopskotch)
12. Mechanical Pressure - Fluttuazione (Hopskotch)
13. Haxxy & Mechanical Pressure - City Of Ghost (dubplate)
14. Strago & Snooks - Pot Stir (Niteshade Inc)
15. Mechanical Pressure - Terraformation (dubplate)
16. Strago & Snooks - Infect (Niteshade Inc)
17. Slaven - Fragment (Macabre Unit Digital)
18. Seven & Dubtek - Stratosfear (Uprise Audio)
19. Muk - Gengar (Sub Concentrate)
20. Seven & Joe Raygun - Live From The Future (Uprise Audio)
21. Mechanical Pressure - Heritage Of Humanity (WOW Signal)

Mechanical Pressure's links

The Next Chapter 08.10.13

Baadd selection from the Flight pon Rinse one again..

Fourtet Rinse Fm 8hr Takeover

Snooks Interview @ Reprezent Fm Pt 1

Check this out its the first part in a four part series for the Forecast show on Reprezent Fm. I was interviewed and spoke about working as a record buyer at BM Soho, running my label Niteshade Inc, current vinyl sales and the industry in general. I also provide a 15min taster mix each week so if you like it, make sure you tune in this Thurs 7-9pm 107.3fm on the dial! (or via the web player, links below)

(Interview/Mix starts @ 1:43:20)

15min Taster Mix Track List
Author - Innovate
Strago - Nautilus (Forthcoming Niteshade Inc)
Black Sun Empire - Black River Baby
Scanone - Scene 7
Consequence - Oeraser


TinyType Devils & Angels Mix

Wicked selection from Austria's TinyType. Thanks for supporting our tracks as well!

SWM Live Session 1 - Snooks

Mantis Radio #140

Shout out to DVNT for dropping the Mechanical Pressure rmx of 'It Rains' in this session for Mantis Radio featuring Kial.


Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Fracture’s Astrophonica remix) [Ninja Tune]
DJ Rap – Digable Bass (Heaven remix) [Proper Talent]
EUS – Erget I [Contradicta]
Huerco S. – Struck with Deer Lungs [Software]
Etch – Hybrid [Keysound]
Refrakted – Convolution 4 [Reaktivate]
Phat Chex – Drunken Master [dub]
James Ruskin – What Falls To The Ground [Jealous God]
Calman – Perc [Audioexit]
Renaissance Man – Journey [Black Ocean]
T++ – Worn Down [Erosion]
Sync 24 – This Life (The Exaltics remix) [Electrix]
Oyaarss – Umbra (C Mantle remix) [Nukapa Records]
Yuuki Sakai – Picasso [Warm Up Recordings]
GRYPT – Brown + Orange Streaks [Tundra Dubs]
Einstürzende Neubauten + Perc – Rivieradub [SUBMIT]
Senking – Enduro Bones [Raster Noton]
Nphonix + Place 2B – It Rains (Mechanical Pressure remix) [Niteshade Inc.]
Sleeper – Impact Loss [Sleeper]
Matter – Layers [Kvitnu]

Darj – Ka’Andirah [Dub]
Haack – Vicious [FKOF]
Darj – Red Crypt [Dub]
Deafblind – Before the Crash [forth. Sub Pressure]
Subreachers – Dark Souls [Tuba]
TZR & Boot – Tower of Silence [forth. Requiem]
Deafblind – Substitution [Dub]
D-Operation Drop – Razorblade [Bacon Dubs]
Culprate – Nothing [Gradient Audio]
Sparxy x Dubfreq – Convulsion [Dub]
Biome – No Soul [Deep Heads]
Content x Deafblind x Mesck – Firewalker [Dub]
Sleeper – Pathogen [no label]
Rakoon – Still Alive [Tsunami Audio]
Reamz – Frostbit [Dub]
Adeh ft. Talabun MC – Animality [Dub]
Deafblind ft. Living Proof – My Salvation [Soul Step]
Aeolho – The Difference [Lutetia Dubz]


I'm really feeling this mix, shouts to DVNT for the tip! Darkly suffocating vibes from Derlich. Anyone who ends a mix with John Murphy's 'In the House in a Heartbeat' gets my vote.

Fracture x Star Warz

 10 Years Of Exit Promo Mix... wooooooo!

Mentha's Outlook Blues

Yeah I didn't go either...... :(  Big up the Mentha for dropping a Strago & Snooks dub in this cracking mix! Check what hes upto with links below.

Slackk @ Electronic Beats Radio

Nuther likkle grime mix ting innit.

Mantis Radio 138: Sleeper

Wicked selection from Sleeper and DVNT on Mantis Radio right here.. If you like the dark shit.. get this down ya.

Instrumental Grime

I always have my ear to the ground and it seem some of the most interesting/experimental producers out there are really starting to mature.. Especially in the area of instrumental grime. Here are a couple of mixes I think are tiptop! Check em out, write/spit some bars or just let it wash over you.... aghhhhhh maybe grime has a second chance....

The Next Chapter 13.08.13

You know the deal.. Lady Flight on the ones and twos mixing it up tight with loads of great music as per..

Marcus Visionary @ Kool Fm

It was great to play alongside the legend that is Marcus Visionary at the last Bass Foundation and I tell ya this man had dubs for miles!! Some of the sweetest vocal reggae dnb cuts around.. Check out this set he recorded while on Liondubs show at Kool Fm. Pulll itttt selectah!

India @ Outlook Festival Warm Up Party

I'm getting in the mood for Bass Foundation on the 16th of August. We got a great line up as usual! (Get on the free guestlist while it lasts) If you can't wait till then to get skanking here are some fresh mixes from the crew. One for the roots fans out there and the other for you dnb heads.. Enjoy!

Paul Riley - Carnival Countdown

My mate  Paul's getting in the spirit for carnival... :)

GetDarkerTV #172 – Crises & Mutated Mindz

Shout out to Crises for the continued support! Nice little session right here for Get Darker with G Double on mic duties :)

Crises @ Sub FM

Mr Crises moves from Rinse over to Sub Fm with his sunshine ina bag vibezz! Big tings!

The Next Chapter 11.06.13

You know the score.. Niceness from the Flight

Niteshade Inc Podcast 20: Taiken

Our podcast series reaches the 20th installment! This one is a special vinyl/dubplate mix from my good friend Taiken of the Tengu Sound collective out of Switzerland! A great selection of new dubstep with a twist of roots and afew sneaky dubs from the man himself! VIbesssss till the end!! We hope you enjoy it.

Track list
01 Dj Madd feat. G. Rina - "Never 2 Late" (Roots & Future)
02 Zhou - "Locust Dub" (Punch Drunk)
03 Taiken - "System" (Dubplate)
04 Pinch & Roska - "Shoulda Rolla" (Tectonic)
05 J. Robinson - "The Maasai" (Soundman Chronicles)
06 Killawatt - "Press On" (Osiris Music)
07 Headhunter - "Default" (BM Soho / White)
08 Taiken - "Bonzai Warrior" (Dubplate)
09 Kahn feat. Flowdan "Badman City" (Blackbox)
10 Loefah - "Voodoo" (Six6Six)
11 D1 - "Dubstep Warz" (Dub Files)
12 Taiken - "Left Back" (Dubplate)
13 Mala vs. Jonny Clark - "Sinners" (Ringo Recordings)
14 Vivek - "Asteroids" (System Music)
15 Digital Mystikz - "Anti War Dub" (DMZ)

Tengu Collective
Tengu Collective Facebook

Tempo Cast #001

My friends over at Tempo records have just started a great new podcast series. Enjoy this mix from label boss Dj Fusion featuring forthcoming Tempo releases mixed with some of his favorite dnb, old and new. If you haven't checked out their vinyl releases yet check the links below.

Tempo Records

The Next Chapter 14.05.13

Lady Flight at the controls again! Great selection mixed up niice as usual. Big up the Flight!!

Impulse #07 @ Bln Radio

Shout out to all involved in the Impulse Show @ Bln Radio for the continued support and great mixes! DJ Met alongside Arp Xp mixes it up a treat for volume 7!

Subcast 001 : Ipman

Fledgling label Subaltern Records start off their podcast series with a bang. Wicked selection from the man they call Ipman.

Keep an eye on these guys! With a event starting this sunday in Camden and a vinyl imprint in the works big tings agwan indeed!

 Linkies for SubAltern:

Newham Generals @ Boiler Room

Blukuu blukuuu!

White Label

Great documentary from Alex Macdonald for all you vinyl fetishists.

Fracture A.I. & Lowqui @ Rinse

You can always rely on Fracture to bring the new style shizzle (and A.I to roll it out niiice)! Wicked selection right here..


Really like what these guys are doing, hope they release alot more vinyl.

Snooks @ Bass Foundation 06.04.13

Bit rough and ready but some absolute killers tracks in the mix right here. Shout out to all who attended the night, was great to see David Boomah on mic duties! Big up breddah!

Brian Eno @ RBMA

Mox Mag Review

Nice lil review of our latest 12" in mixmag this month. Pity they spelt the label name wrong :s

Jah Nasty 001

Techno legend Mr Nasty supplies a treat of a mix... Ina yard man style...  Loving it selecta!

  JahNasty 001 by DJ Billy Nasty

Rise of the Ghostface Killah

IA Mix Series 063 - Nphonix

Check this mix.. Nphonix Niteshade Inc vinyl release coming sooner than you think...

Impulse #5 @ BLN FM

Shout out to Infra for the continued support!

Bass Foundation - Rub a Dubplates

Bass Foundation mek ya go feel it.... Woiiii!!! Badboy dub special selection right here..

MTD @ Hoxton Fm

Shout out to Mentha and Rcadia! Wicked selection and a cheeky little Strago and Snooks dub in the mix here aswell! Recording from when they took over the decks on the Easy Frogs Show @ Hoxton FM.

MTD Website

DJ Flight - Bass Foundation 08.02.13

This is what happened after I played at Bass Foundation's last shindig... Big up the Flight!!

Area Recordings Podcast 9

Shout out to Be-1ne for the continued support! Deep dark vinyl/acetate journey right here....

Snooks & Beuselinck Vol.1


Shout out to Syntax for supporting our releases! Here is his recent warm up set for Youngsta when he visited Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

Niteshadeinc Podcast 18 - DVLPR

Ayo! Some may say we been slacking recently on the old podcast front. But this mix more than makes up for it, DVLPR takes us on a bumpy, ass shaking journey blurring the boundaries between house, garage amd techno. I'm loving it and so should you! Check DVLPR's links below for more mixes and info on his forthcoming projects.

Photek @ BM Soho

Things change but you can still get your vinyl fix at BM Soho!!


Snooks - Lambton Worm

I have just completed a podcast for a bunch of creative people in Berlin calling themselves 'PamPig' (German word for stroppy? I may be wrong) It is a little different to what I usually do but I will let you be the judge. Recorded live with a bag of vinyl, a field recorder and some fx toys.. Enjoy.. Lambton Worm....

Original water colour artwork by Beuselinck

BASSFoundation 4th Anniversary Mix

Bad boy mix from Bass Foundation who are  celebrating their fourth birthday! Check that track list... Powww!!!!

1. Johnny Osbourne – Truth & Rights (Dubplate)
2. Half Pint – Freedom Fighter (Dubplate)
3. Luciano – Raggamuffin (Dubplate)
4. Begum X aka Miss Samara C – Divide And Rule (Dub)
5. Johnny Ringo – Working Class (Hit Bound)
6. Candy Man – Killa Sound (DJ Madd Remix) (White)
7. Killawatt & Ipman – Wharehouse Dub (White)
8. Johnny Osbourne – Fally Ranking (Vivek Remix) (Greensleeves Dubstep)
9. Gorgon Sound – Find Jah Way (Peng Sound)
10. Word Sound Power vs JazzSteppa – Blood Earth (JazzSteppa)
11. Movado – Them A Talk (TMSV Remix) (White)
12. Khan – Dread (Deep Medi Musik)
13. Frankie Paul – Pass The Tu-Sheng Peng (Dubplate)
14. Johnny Osbourne – Rock It Tonight (Dubplate)
15. Top Cat – Champion DJ (Dubplate)
16. REDS feat Delhi Sultanate – Fever (Marcus Visionary Remix) (Forthcoming on Liondub International)
17. Junior Reid – One Blood (Hylu & Jago Remix) (Unit 137)
18. Johnny Osbourne – Murderer (Marcus Visionary Jungle Remix) (Dubplate)
19. Dub Smugglers – Shine Eye Girl (Jinx In Dub Remix)
20. David Boomah – Soundboy Robber (Dubplate)
21. Black Twang ft Congo Natty – Rebel Emcee (Forthcoming on Infidelity)
22. Total Science – Dramaz (Clearsky)
23. Calibre – Temple Step (Signature)
24. Ward 21 vs Marka (Sultanate Refix)
25. Ivy Lab – Brat (Critical)
26. Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator (Exit)
27. Bladerunner – Jah Jah Dub (Liondub International)
28. DJ Hype – Peace, Love & Unity feat MC Fats (Basher remix) (Playaz)
29. Dub Phizix – Never Been feat Fox (Critical)
30. Royalston & Dizz1 – Decay (Royalston’s D&B Mix) (Med School)
31. Skeptical – Static (Commercial Suicide)
32. Demolition Man – Fire (Dubplate)

Enter The Void & TPB

Enter the Void is one of my fave films of recent times and is now available on youtube for your free viewing pleasure :) the second vid/doc about Pirate Bay is really worth a watch too and I'd say relevant while we're on the subject of Copyright law.... I did buy Enter The Void on Dvd by the way....

whø? – reset

It's been awhile since whø? recorded a mix for Pampig. It was worth the wait.. check out this deep dnb selection.

Taiken - Purified & Poisoned Waters

I found out about this guy after he left a great mix cd in Bm Soho. With a love and understanding of sound systems, vinyl, cutting dubs and roots and culture way beyond even some of the most hardened dubstepper. He is also a co-founder of the Tengu Collective, Tengu Sound and the Fraction Clubnight in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Here Taiken provides an all vinyl mix, if your feeling it be sure to check all the links below for The Tengu Collective/Taiken's productions and mixes and the Bass Musik blog.




Dj Flight the Next Chapter 20.02.13

Great selection and superbly mixed by Flight again!