I'll Take One Lake

This clip hits the spot for me! I'm sure there are plenty of people out there reading this that know what Im talking about! Big up Robert Henke with his audio school lecturer stylee!

Robert Henke at Decibel Festival 2010 from Primus Luta on Vimeo.

For Info on Robert Henke try these links.
Robert Henke

Future Music

Interesting podcast that I recommend to anyone into music and technology.

Music Tech in Review - Episode 1 - Podcast Chat by cdm

Fresh Minute Music Podcasts

Its 2011 people! Skank out to the latest podcast from Fresh Minute Music! Killa!

Track Listing:
1. Lv ft Errol Bellot and Rubi Dan - Crossfire
2. Emmanuel Jal - Kuar
3. A Made Up Sound - Demons
4. Black Coffee - Juju
5. Depth ones - A depth dubbin thing
6. Love Birds - Love and happiness
7. Julio Bashmore - Battle for middle u
8. Brassroots - Goodlife
9. Julio Bashmore - Chasm
10. Cosmin Trg - Groove control
11. Didz and Chico - Something new - Ten thousand yen
12. Boddika - Boddikas house - Naked Lunch
13. Incredible bong band - Sharp nine(Klik remix)
14. Session Victim - Million Dollar Feeling - Dellusions of Granduer
15. John Martyn - Solid Air - Island
16. Unknown
17. Fela Kuti - Let's start what we came into the room to do (live)