Tapeheads pt 2

1st pt now gone from soundcloud (hope you downloaded it!) 2nd part.. Oh gosh! bruk out!

Tapeheads (Part II) by J/o/n/e/s

Be-1ne Night Tracks Mix

Shout out to the Area Recordings boss for droppping both sides of our latest 12" in this guest mix for the Night Tracks Blog. Deep dark and twisted.. just how we like it!

Trk List:
1.Unknown - Untitled (Dubplate)
2.Strago & Snooks - Pills (Dubplate) Forthcoming Niteshade Inc
3.Lysergene - Spooks (Dubplate)
4.Strago & Snooks - Potstir (Forthcoming Niteshade Inc)
5.Fused Forces - Ocean Dawn (Area Recordings)
6.Compa - Sentance (Dubplate) Forthcoming Boka
7.DCult - Face the Sun (Area Recordings)
8.Be-1ne - Untitled (Dubplate)
9.Krytikal - Selfish Way (Area Recordings)
10.3rdeye - Yonaguni Dreams (Area Recordings)