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Bloody New Zealanders always on it.. Coffee, Hobbits, Music, and Vinyl Lathes! Love it.....

Niteshadeinc Podcast 17 - Paul Riley

It's that time of year again people! Christmas is coming and Niteshade Inc is proud to present (for the second year running) a great podcast from Paul Riley!

Niteshade Inc Podcast 17 by Paul Riley on Mixcloud

Harold Budd / Brian Eno - Steal Away
Cool Breeze - Cre-A-Tine (instrumental)
Shake - Space Probes
The Roots - Hall & Oates
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 08 Untitled B1
Kool Kev (The Lyrical Stinger) - My Experience (Dub)
Thomas Bangalter - Night Beats
Gescom - Keynell
Osborne - Afrika (Bullion Remix) 
Porter Ricks - Port Gentil
Brainticket - The Space Between
Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive
Animal Collective - Peacebone (Pantha Du Prince Remix)
Teebs - Grannies Away Present
Pariah - Prpheus
Zomby & Actress - 2
Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus mx3)

Impulse #02 - Mala In Cuba

Big up Infra for dropping Strago's forthcoming a side '4117' on his Berlin based radio show Impulse. Wicked interview with Mala aswell! Check it...

Download full mix here

BLN Fm (Berlin based radio and webmag for electronic music and culture)

Dj Flight - The Next Chapter Ft Fabio 21.11.12

Dj Flight shares her show with the one and only Fabio! Loads of wicked dubs and nice vibes. You can peacefully zone out to this!  Some great convo from the duo too, with loads of interesting things about the current state of the scene and what Fab's been up to! Definitely worth a listen. Big up Flight and Fabio (without sounding like a c*nt) keeping it real! Oi!

Mr G

Tech house legend Mr G live in the Boiler Room!

Download full podcast here

Truth FatKidOnFire Podcast

Big shout out to the Truth boys for dropping the a-side of our forthcoming 12" on their podcast/interview over at FatKidOnFire. Strago's '4117' will be on wax real soon!! Watch this space!

Track List:
1. Truth & Yayne – I Belong [dub]
2. SP:MC – Receptors [dub]
3. Ben Verse – Different Way [Crunch dub]
4. Badklaat ft. Beezy – Calling [dub]
5. Truth – Gaza (Andrew VC remix) [Defy dub]
6. Truth – Triads [dub]
7. FNC – Imprinted [dub]
8. District – Kraken [dub]
9. Truth & Yayne – Surveillance Society [dub]
10. Truth – Spook (Olie Bassweight remix) [Defy dub]
11. Collision – Politics [dub]
12. Kaiju – Close Break VIP [dub]
13. J:Kenzo – Invaderz (Truth remix) [dub]
-- Ben Verse – Tiger Foot [Crunch]
14. Sleeper – Dawn of the Replicants [Chestplate dub]
15. Truth & Crushington – Death Row [Defy]
16. Ben Verse ft. Darrison – Sativa Soldier [dub]
17. Truth – Iron Lung [dub]
18. Truth ft. Yayne – Raindancer (Babyon System remix) [Defy dub]
19. Truth ft. Yayne – Raindancer (J:Kenzo remix) [Truth free]
-- Dubtek – Carnivorous [dub]
20. Strago – 4117 [Niteshade Inc]
21. Truth & Dutty Ranks – Weave [BOKA dub]
22. DyAD – Losing Touch [dub]
23. Content – HDR830 [dub]
24. Cyntel & Hex – Jesters [??]
25. ARtroniks – Onset [??]
26. Von D – Try Me [dub]
27. Boot – Dreaming Again [dub]
28. Dubfreq ft. Fanton Mojah – Hail Di King [??]
29. Sleeper – Shook [??]
30. Truth – Born Enemies [dub]
31. Truth – Spook (Biome remix) [Defy dub]
32. Truth – Subconcious [dub]
33. Pistonsbeneath – Black Sleep [Mindstep dub]
34. Truth – Talking to Myself [SMOG dub]
35. Truth – All Over [SMOG dub]
36. Truth – Devil's Hands [dub]
37. Truth - Eternal [dub]

BadMON Episode #020

Big up Dj Anthologic for the continued support.

Track List:
01) BadMan Intro
02) Reso - Coronium
03) Darj - Raven [Forthcoming Iron Shirt]
04) Rowl - Theory Of One
05) Think - Short Warm Moments (Jack Sparrow Remix)
06) Yin Yang Audio - Oblivious
07) ARtroniks - Hazy Days
08) DJ Madd - Deeply (ft. Lady Maroo)
09) Darj - The Island [Forthcoming Iron Shirt]
10) TZR - Crimson Dawn (Original Mix)
11) Perverse - Fucking Insanity [Forthcoming MUD]
12) J.Robinson - Tundra (ft Shima)
13) Kryptic Minds - The Divide
14) Sleeper - Dawn Of The Replicants
15) Biome - Pariah [Macabre Unit Digital]
16) Demon - Frostbite [Macabre Unit Vinyl]
17) Catacombs - Organism [Innamind Recordings Vinyl]
18) Anthologic - Strictly Dubplate [Out Now on Phantom Hertz]
19) Sleeper - Zodiac [Chestplate]
20) Reso - Half Life
21) Catacombs - East (Digital Exclusive) [Innamind Recordings Vinyl]
22) Six & Reamz - 28 Hours
23) Christopher Yikes - Pathway [Forthcoming Phantom Hertz]
24) J.Robinson - Mysticism
25) Darj - Mercury [Forthcoming Iron Shirt]
26) Djinn - Something You Know
27) Requake ft Beezy - Pessmism
28) Strago & Snooks - Infect [Niteshade Inc]

Bass Foundation@ Bar A Bar Dec 1st

I am proud to announce the launch of a new night, Bass Foundation has arrived in London! We got Serial Killaz headlining, up and coming producer duo Reds, me, and Bass Foundation boys Big Daddy Klein and Praxis. All this plus a wicked sound system and a tidy little venue. All we need is a nice crowd (you!). Get yourself on the guest list (link below) as the first 50 will get in free.  I'll be playing a choice selection of roots and reggae classics to warm you all up before you skank out to the sounds of the Serial Killaz, so make sure you reach!

Check these links for more info:
Free Guestlist 
Bass Foundation Facebook

Gweek 074

Jon Ronson, the guy who brought us The Men Who Stare at Goats, The Psychopath Test and Them! Adventures with Extremists talks about his new book 'Lost at Sea'

MTD Podcast 001

Big shout out to the Mind the dubstep crew for including Strago's '4117' in their first official podcast! It's not the only banger in the mix! check it out..

Track List:
1. Rcadia - Utsusemi (Dub)
2. Mentha & Murk - 1992 (Dub)
3. Jobanti & Mentha - Delta (Dub)
4. Strago - 4117 (Forthcoming Niteshade Inc.)
5. Murk - Primitive (Dub)
6. Karma - Neon Trails (Dub)
7. D-Operation Drop - Mental Slavery (Gamma Audio)
8. Mentha - Tale (Dub)
9. Rcadia - Untitled 4 (Dub)
10. Synkro - If Only (Smokin Sessions)
11. Rcadia - Minor Fraction (Murk Remix) (Dub)
12. EshOne - Mud Brick (Elk Beats)
13. Murk - Commando (Dub)
14. Kaiju - Method One (Free)
15. Mentha ft. Ziaflow - Crystal Dawn (Dub)

MTD Website
MTD Facebook

Sound & Vision x Shepard Fairey x London



Photos by Jordon Searle 

Snooks - Wednesday Mix

Its halloween so we decided to record a 100% vinyl mix to celebrate! Its a little different than usual but we are happy (or should that be scared?) to introduce the soundtrack without a film 'Wednesday' curated and mixed live by Snooks.

The Sound Police Return

We're back but Dubstep and Diction is no more.. We are now the Sound Police! This mix was recorded straight from vinyl on one chilled out sunday afternoon..  Pure irie vibes inside! We are the Sound Police, and we are enforcing this sound!

Oxman Tape Sessions Vol 2

As promised here are some more badboy tapes from Mr Oxman (Dub Vendor/SoulJazz Sound System). Plenty more to follow..

Junglist Soldier Audio Documentary

This friday the 19th October between 11:00-14:00 GMT on Rinse Fm Uncle Dugs will be exclusively airing the brand new Stevie Hyper D audio documentary ‘Junglist Soldier’. Here is a taster of what to expect..

All involved will be tweeting away to truly make it StevieHyperDDay! Get involved and make sure you hashtag that shit.. #StevieHyperDDay

Facebook Event Page
5 Min Audio Preview

While we're at it I'll also let you know about the Stevie Hyper D Tribute Rave on Sat 3rd of November.
Check the line up!! I'm just a junglist soldier!!!

Oxman Tape Sessions Vol 1

Managed to get some mixtapes off Mr Oxman (Dub Vendor/SoulJazz Sound System) and will be slowly uploading them in the next few months. Starting with ReRock! Pure fire for you reggae fans!

A Toy Train In Space

I thought I'd post this up to lighten the mood as that last post was pretty heavy....

Is this guy the best dad in the world? (other than mine ha) 


BASSFoundation @ Outlook Festival 2012

Check out this wicked set from the Bass Foundation massive! Recorded live at the Outlook Festival in Pula, Croatia 2012. Pulllllllll uuuuuuuuuup selectah!


BassFoundation Website
BassFoundation Soundcloud

Truth @ Rinse FM

Truth down rinse.. Some proper duttyness ere! Check it.... Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Niteshadeinc Podcast 16 - ni'en:bhed

We got another audible treat for ya, this exclusive mix from ni'en:bhed straight outta Neuberg, Germany. Hypnotic vibes galore!

Track List:
Perverse - Cross Examination (ft. beezy) - (Innamind)
Ni'en:bhed - Schienen - (Free)
Blawan - Iddy - (Hessle Audio)
Dro Carey - Promothug - (Free)
KMAO - Crumbs (Downliners Sekt Remix) - (HNV)
Pinch & Shackleton - Burning Blood - (Honest jon's)
Trent reznor & Atticus Ross - Perihelion - (Mute)
Shackleton - Death Is Not Final (T++ remix) - (Skull disco)
Untold - Bones (Rockwell remix) - (Hemlock)
Ni'en:bhed - Concrete - (Fluorescent)
Ni'en:bhed - Motte - (Forthcoming Fluorescent)
Ni'en:bhed - Hutmacher - (Forthcoming Fluorescent)
Bandshell - Rise 'em - (Hessle audio)
Moskra - Donau (ft. Ni'en:bhed) - (Fluorescent)

Ni'en:bhed Soundcloud 
Ni'en:bhed Mixloud

Mountain Bass 14-16th Sep 2012

Finally the Mountain Bass festival returns to the Aragonese Pyrenees from the 14th-16th of September (check links below for full info). Now, if being up a mountain while skanking out to the best Spanish bass merchants around isn't enough then I can also let you know that Mr Strago will be there too and will be playing a dnb set aswell as an exclusive Niteshade Inc dubstep set! Both sets will feature new Strago & Snooks productions, you lucky people! In the meantime here is the free promotional mix from Mountain Bass featuring tracks from the artist performing.

Niteshadeinc Podcast 15 - TinyType

Time for another podcast people! Introducing Viennese producer, dj, vinyl junkie and Audiocalligraphy label boss Tiny Type. Not only was he kind enough to provide us with a great mix and artwork, he even created a track just for us! If you enjoyed the mix make sure to grab a copy of his first vinyl release with vocalist Indi Kaur (who has worked with  Pinch, Jack Sparrow, Phaeleh and Forensics no less!) The 'Mowglis Dream' 12" is available from BM Soho exclusively (All links below)

 Track List:
1. TinyType - Way over Yonder - Audiocalligraphy
2. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Minor Nine - Defcom
3. My Nu Leng - Falling - MindStep Music
4. TinyType & Indi Kaur - Mowglis Dream (Instrumental) - Audiocalligraphy
5. TinyType & Indi Kaur - Mowglis Dream (Remix) - Audiocalligraphy
6. Myrkur - Transmission - Cut Records
7. Phon.o - Fukoshima - Monkeytown
8. Stay+ - Young Love - Double Denim
9. Clubroot - Left Hand Path - Lodubs
10. Clubroot - Scars - Solace Records
11. Clubroot - Restraint - Lodubs
12. Nanobyte - Kalyke - Innamind Recordings
13. My Nu Leng - Bubba Ho Tep - MindStep Music
14. Seven - Evolution - Blackbox Records
15. J:Kenzo - The Roteks - Tempa Recordings
16. Jack Sparrow - Salvation - Tectonic
17. Klātu - Unlock Heal - Square Harmony Records
18. TinyType & StepSunTunes - Niteshadeskillz - Audiocalligraphy
19. Nanobyte - Dem A Talk Deep - FatKidOnFire

Curiosity on Mars

Mix a mixes 2

Another selection of mixes I've been checkin out recently, you should too. oi!


The Crop

I rarely post up hip-hop mixes (for numerous reasons, shit selection of music being the main one) but this mix by Ralphonze is definitely a keeper. A proper vinyl only hip-hop selection expertly crafted in a turntablism stylee. Check out the links below for more on Ralphonze and his favorite record shop 'Rarekind Records'. Yeah boi!

Track List:
1. Pete Rock - U Are What U Are/The Crop Intro 
2. Jeru The Damaja - Jungle Music 
3. Black Moon - Ack Like You Want It 
4. Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor 
5. Capital Tax - The Masha 
6. Gang Starr - Flip The Script (Remix/Minor Adjustment Mix) 
7. Slick Rick - Lick The Balls 
8. Mad Skillz - Lick The Balls 
9. MF Grimm - Gingerbread Man 
10. Shyheim - On And On 
11. Ed O.G. - I Got To Have It 
12. Miles Tackett - Vood Gibrations 
13. Edan - Rapperfection 
14. The Alkaholiks - Make Room 
15. Kurious - Uptown Shit 
16. Nas - Halftime 
17. MF DOOM & Nas - One Love 
18. Nine - Whutcha Want 
19. Pete Rock - Hop, Skip & Jump

Rarekind Records

Symbiosis 91 – Be-1ne

Shout out to Be-1ne for this tasty little mix he curated for the Australian blog Symbiosis. Loads of dubs and audible niceness as usual. Big up for dropping Strago's 'Nautilius' aswell! Niteshade Inc fans hold tight for the next 12".. will be coming out real soon!

Track List:
01 : Piano Overlord – ? (Money Studies)
02 : Ocean field recording
03 : Strago – Nautilus (Dubplate)
04 : Turner – Cella Hunter (Dubplate)
05 : Be-1ne – Untitled (Dubplate)
06 : Compa – Security (Be-1ne Remix) (Dubplate)
07 : Compa – Security (Area Recordings)
08 : Ollie Bassweight – The Void (3rdeye’s Negative Space Remix) (Bassweight Recordings)
09 : Be-1ne – The Other Side (Dubplate)
10 : Abstract Elements – Fourth Dimension (Auxillary)
11 : Sam KDC – Downpour (Horror)
12 : AnD – Sunday 85 (Hidden Hawaii)
13 : ASC – Another Late Night (Auxillary White)
14 : Consequence – Soul Sees Spirit (Exit Recordings)
15 : Pole – Slow Motion feat Fat Jon (Mute)

Digz - 3rd Eye Selection

Our boy Digz is at it again...

BadMon Episode 003

Dj Anthologic's BadMonday mix series for dubplate fm is killing it right now! Check out episode 3, it's deep, dark and dutty as usual! Big up for dropping infect! Be sure to check his mixcloud for tons of other heavyweight mixes (links below).

Trk List:
01. BadMan Intro - Kryptic Minds
02. Shoal - Jack Sparrow
03. Root - Loefah
04. Bombay The Dub Way - Sunyata [Dub]
05. Albarsha - Hatcha And Lost
06. Headhunter - TZR
07. Juganu - Biome and Thelem
08. Dementia (ft. Beezy) - Demon [Dub]
09. Drones (Core Remix) - Thelem [Dub]
10. Mystic Vocation - Killawatt
11. Alter Ego - Demon
12. Exhale - Icicle & Distance
13. Aghori - Occult & Vantage [Dub]
14. Awaken - Congi
15. Thanatos (ARtroniks Remix) - Scalade [Dub]
16. Scavenger (TMSV Remix) - The Illuminated [Dub]
17. Visions - Blynk [Dub]
18. Perilous - Phaeleh & I-Mitri
19. Obsidian - Perverse [Dub]
20. Terminal - Jack Sparrow
21. Stabiliser - Lurka
22. Infect - Strago & Snooks
23. Idiom - Kryptic Minds
24. Cross Examination (ft Beezy) - Perverse [Dub]
25. Pentagon VIP - Biome
26. Return - Lurka

Dj Anthologic's Soundcloud
Dj Anthologics Mixcloud

Ash-A-Tak@ Bassdrive

Mr Ash-A-Tak on the ones and twos at his weekly show for Bassdrive. Nice to see him posting the mixes up! If you love great quality drum and bass these mixes are for you. For info on Ash, his new label 'Directors Cut' and his Bass drive show check links below.

Info/booking info for AshATak
AshATak's Soundcloud

DFDH Podcast 1

Not happy with giving away and releasing great music on all formats Dubstep for deep heads have launched their own podcast series! Deep, chilled, ambient whatever you wanna call it, wack it on ya system, sit back and enjoy!

Killawatt Studio Mix

Nice likkle studio mix from Killawatt packed full of dubs and forthcoming niceness. check it..

Killawatt Studio Mix July 2012 by Killawatt_SS

What's in the data?

So Cern have found ripples in the higgs field eh? If your reading this thinking ''what the f*ck is this all about?'' check out this informative video..

Niteshade Inc Podcast 13 - Collision

Yes yes people we're on a roll now! Another exclusive podcast for ya, hot on the tail of the last! This time we have a deep 140 mix of naughty tunes, hot dubs and forthcoming goodies from Birmingham dubstepper Collision. So kick back, relax and soak this up and remember to support the artist and labels involved. Nice one for dropping Strago's monster tune 'Nautilus' should be released real soon on vinyl. Watch this space!

Track List:
FNC - Opticks - Dub
Congi - Cult (Gantz Remix) - Dub
Collision - Move - Dub
Truth - Skitzo - Boka
Unknown - Dub
Lurka - Refresher - Box Clever
Gantz ft Beezy - 1st Born - Dub
Collision - Tremors - Dub
Kaiju - Ice - Dub
Collision - Manhunt - Forthcoming Innamind
Data - Intrusion - Black Box
Mikal - Higher Force - Disfigured Dubz
Spinline - Monday Luv - Dispatch
Krytikal - Kalinago (Collision Remix) - Dub
Strago - Nautilus - Forthcoming Niteshade Inc
Nanobyte - Kalyke - Innamind

Collisions's Links:

Deago Digz Browne

Mr Digz is at it again. Check out these new mixes he's uploaded to his mixcloud. A smooth liquid mix, a wicked halftime dnb mix with some classic halftime tunes and a mix he has created to commemorate (in his words 'vent') him quitting dj-ing dnb!? There are loads more mixes on his mixcloud so check them out and make sure you show him some support (link below). We can't have him giving up dnb..

Deago Digz Browne (Info/Mixecloud mixes ect)

Mono Audio Vs Loud Noise

Get yourself down to Cable this friday for this stonking line up! Make sure to catch BM Soho basement lurker Parris in room 2 you never know he might drop some exclusive Niteshade Inc dubs.

Get Darker Cable 01.06.12

Fukin ell! Nearly 7 hours of goodies here. Sets from Darkside, Von D, DJG, Funtcase, Distance Silkie, Kromestar and Dark Tantrum. Brok out!


After Gantz provided us with a great mix for the 9th Podcast Im not sure why I haven't posted more up from him and the people he works with (my bad) Check out this tasty sub heavy mix he did for the Label Tribe12. Also a nice little mix and remixed track from label owner J.Robinson. Cheers for the freebies!


I am sure this is exactly how it feels/tastes/smells/looks/sounds.. Now I'm off to listen to a roast dinner...

Synesthesia Info

Juke n Bass? Footbass?

Are we seeing yet another facet to the dnb soundsphere? Sounds like juke/footwork has permeated the Exit camp, check out the vid below for Fracture's latest juke and bass offering! Exit is (in my opinion) one of the most serious and forward thinking labels out there (regardless of genres) so its great to see they have a sense of humor too (a la Noel Fielding?)  'The 'limit' vip is another in the same vein available on 10" vinyl via Fractures Astrophonica label. Now skank out.. shuffle..  jerk?