Berberian Sound Studio

This is why I don't work in Italy....  (You'd have to see the film and also know I'm a Sound Designer to get this....)

Anyway I should have posted up about this great film a while back. Warp has reminded me by releasing the Broadcast produced soundtrack (now in my record collection thank you very much). Luckily I got the chance to see it in the cinema but it is available on dvd. I'd highly recommend it and the vinyl soundtrack. I'd give both a 7 out of 5. Tune in next week when I'll be reviewing the Jungle Book and some Louis Prima tunes in just as much depth as this review.....

Cyrus Decade Mix

Big up Mr Cyrus! An original dubstep soldier.

Lee Gamble Fact Mix

Another mix I enjoyed over Christmas check it...

3D Printed Record?

I am known as a strictly vinyl man however I think I would sell files of my music if it was a to be printed into a physical object. Check out this video of a printed vinyl record! Although it's an interesting use of new 3D printing technology, the quality is far from good enough for hi-fi sounds. I wonder if a high resolution laser scan of an acetate dubplate and a high resolution 3D printer would do a better job? The vinyl in this video was produced by who converted audio files into a 3D image (ie. the grooves) via a sketch in Processing code.

Moog 2013

The Next Chapter 19.12.12

Flight's last 'Next Chapter' show of 2012 and as usual it was packed full of goodies.