MTD Podcast 001

Big shout out to the Mind the dubstep crew for including Strago's '4117' in their first official podcast! It's not the only banger in the mix! check it out..

Track List:
1. Rcadia - Utsusemi (Dub)
2. Mentha & Murk - 1992 (Dub)
3. Jobanti & Mentha - Delta (Dub)
4. Strago - 4117 (Forthcoming Niteshade Inc.)
5. Murk - Primitive (Dub)
6. Karma - Neon Trails (Dub)
7. D-Operation Drop - Mental Slavery (Gamma Audio)
8. Mentha - Tale (Dub)
9. Rcadia - Untitled 4 (Dub)
10. Synkro - If Only (Smokin Sessions)
11. Rcadia - Minor Fraction (Murk Remix) (Dub)
12. EshOne - Mud Brick (Elk Beats)
13. Murk - Commando (Dub)
14. Kaiju - Method One (Free)
15. Mentha ft. Ziaflow - Crystal Dawn (Dub)

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Sound & Vision x Shepard Fairey x London



Photos by Jordon Searle 

Snooks - Wednesday Mix

Its halloween so we decided to record a 100% vinyl mix to celebrate! Its a little different than usual but we are happy (or should that be scared?) to introduce the soundtrack without a film 'Wednesday' curated and mixed live by Snooks.

The Sound Police Return

We're back but Dubstep and Diction is no more.. We are now the Sound Police! This mix was recorded straight from vinyl on one chilled out sunday afternoon..  Pure irie vibes inside! We are the Sound Police, and we are enforcing this sound!