Reggae Roast

For our latest interview we have Dj Moodie, one of the founders of London's number one reggae event 'Reggae Roast'. Listen to the tracks from their latest release while you read all about it!

Righteous EP by ReggaeRoast

Welcome to Niteshade Inc, lets get straight to it.When David Rodigan interviewed you on Kiss you said Reggae Roast started in the Grand Union down Kentish town way. What was it like to go from that to end up playing at nights like DMZ and festivals like the Big chill with big sound systems and massive crowds?

Yeah, it started in a bar in Kentish Town with about 50 people, so it has been amazing to see Reggae Roast grow and develop over the past 3 years. It was great when we used to hold it at the Grand Union. There was always a great atmosphere and people loved it but we wanted to keep it fresh, which is why we try and keep it moving. I have been going to festivals for years now and its great to be rocking festivals that I was going to when I was a kid. It feels like playing Reggae outdoors in the summer is how the music is meant to be played so its always a pleasure.

Where does your love of the various strains of Jamacan music come from?

I guess I got the bug from my older brother. He has been collecting Reggae vinyl and yard tapes since the 80s so I grew up with it in the background. When I started DJing Hip Hop in the 90's he started passing down records to me and I started building up my collection. Then when I was about 17 or 18 I started to going to Solution Sound and Jah Shaka Dances. I guess it has just grown from there.

Name one track that you couldnt live without and why?

At the moment its probably a track called Aufstehn by a group called Seeed. Its a dutty riddim and I have never heard any other DJ play it which is kind of cool. I will usually slip it into a set a some point, but it goes in fazes because tunes get rinsed and you have to find the next fatty to replace it.

You have had some amazing selectors and artists at your events since they started in 2007, if you had to choose who would you say has been your favorite and why?

That's a tough one because there have been so many. Some of my favourite shows would have to include:

The Wailers, Id never seen them live before so it was kind of special to see such a legendary group playing a few feet in front of you. Collie Budz smashed it, the whole club was singing along and there was a great vibe. David Rodigan killed it too, his sets are like a history lesson and a dance wrapped into one. Then there was Aba Shanti i, Channel One, Earl 16..... there have been too many to mention.

Tell us about the recently launched label and what plans you have for it in the future?

The label is going really well, it's really exciting. We are now on our fifth release (3rd on vinyl) and its great to be making a contribution to the UK Reggae scene (hopefully). The 'Righteous EP' 12" was out on monday 7th Feb and has been getting a great response so go and kop it from any good record store! Coming up next on the label we have a really nice track by Earl 16 called 'Dis Reggae Music' which has been produced by Nick Manasseh and is to be followed by our next compilation CD and a Kenny Knots tune. We are trying to keep up the momentum with releases every 2-3 months so keep your eyes peeled.

What artists/djs/systems are you feeling at the moment?

Im really feeling Dandilion and his group The Drop. He's a young singer (who featured on our first 7" single 'Serious') and has a wicked vibe and good message to his music. Chris Peckings is doing some great stuff reintroducing some classic Studio 1 material with a contemporary twist. Conscious Sounds, who are playing at our next event this friday have been consistently putting out good material for time and Mungo's Hi Fi have raised the bar for UK based Reggae but there are lots of people doing good stuff.

What is your opinion of the current state of the uk music industry?

It's pretty hard at the moment, piracy had already hit it hard before the recession hit so it's a double wammy for the music industry. Its not easy out there. Especially in terms of selling records. That's what is frustrating, if we were doing what we are doing now 10 years ago it probably would have been a lot easier. But you have to accept things for what they are and try and make the best of them. It's important for people to understand if they feel the music, they should support it as it enables us to keep putting more out.

For the people out there who have not been to a Reggae Roast event can you let them know what there are in for?

Positive vibes, heavyweight music, beautiful people and smiling faces. Come down and experience it for yourself!

Thank you for your time, big up! keep spreading your message! Do you have anything else to say before this ends?

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has come down to our events and supported our releases so far. Its a people coming together thing and without the energy that everyone brings it wouldn't be anything. Also cheers to you Snooks. Big ups all the way!

The next Reggae Roast event is on Friday 11th Feb @ The CAMP.

You can buy all Reggae Roast releases and get more info on events at their website