After Gantz provided us with a great mix for the 9th Podcast Im not sure why I haven't posted more up from him and the people he works with (my bad) Check out this tasty sub heavy mix he did for the Label Tribe12. Also a nice little mix and remixed track from label owner J.Robinson. Cheers for the freebies!


I am sure this is exactly how it feels/tastes/smells/looks/sounds.. Now I'm off to listen to a roast dinner...

Synesthesia Info

Juke n Bass? Footbass?

Are we seeing yet another facet to the dnb soundsphere? Sounds like juke/footwork has permeated the Exit camp, check out the vid below for Fracture's latest juke and bass offering! Exit is (in my opinion) one of the most serious and forward thinking labels out there (regardless of genres) so its great to see they have a sense of humor too (a la Noel Fielding?)  'The 'limit' vip is another in the same vein available on 10" vinyl via Fractures Astrophonica label. Now skank out.. shuffle..  jerk?