Podcast 8: Paul Riley

We would like to wish all who have supported Niteshade Inc a great christmas and a happy new year! And what better way than to celebrate the coming of a new year than with a great guest podcast!

After enjoying this guys mixes we found through mixcloud (he runs a pretty good blog too) we thought we would hit him up and see if he wanted to do one for us.. He brought the goods.. In his own words:
It's an 'influences' mix with a lot of nods to some producers, labels, djs and record shops who inspire me and have become good friends through music in the last couple of years, namely Blackclassical, Seja Herói, Second Layer Records, Toby, Andrea and Ben at Svetlana Industries, Semtek and Bandshell.

Download/Stream Niteshade Inc Podcast 8

Track List:
Delia Derbyshire - Track 01
Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermange - Dreams (Edit B)
Marvin Gaye vs. Svarte Greiner - I've Got My Halves (Seja Herói's Ambient Edit)
Delia Derbyshire - Delia's Theme
Delia Derbyshire - Planetarium
Delia Derbyshire - Music Of Spheres
Daphne Oram - Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 3)
Daphne Oram - Fanfare Of Graphs
Daphne Oram - Studio Experiment No.5
Ursula Bogner - Soloresonanzen
Ursula Bogner - Für Ulrich
Ursula Bogner - Atmosphere 1
Ursula Bogner - Modes
Ursula Bogner - Speichen
Ursula Bogner - 2 Ton
Ursula Bogner - Metazoon
Irmin Schmidt and Bruno Spoerri - Rapido de Noir
Grouper - A Lie
Grouper - Moon Is Sharp
Vladimir Cosma - Psychochisme
Emuul - Expectations
Coil - Is Suicide a Solution?
Mika Vainio - In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart
Ricardo Donoso - The Deck Of An Ancient Ship
Agitation Free - Rücksturz
Can - Return To BB City
Tangerine Dream - Rain In NY City
Tangerine Dream - 8.07 And 5.23
Tangerine Dream - Creation
Tangerine Dream - Sunset Drive
Tangerine Dream - Airshaft
Tangerine Dream - Running Through The Hills
Tangerine Dream - Alley Walk
Tangerine Dream - Alien Voices
Tangerine Dream - Cyro Lab
Tangerine Dream - Healing
Dead Can Dance - Song of Sophia
Aphex Twin - Kesson Daslef
Soft Machine - French & German Lessons (Marbert Basement Extension)
Rodger Stella / Kites - Interior Moon Side A
Harmonia - Vamos Companeros
Jean-Michel Jarre - La Cage
Kraan - Die Maschine
Oval - Citibase
Cluster - Avanti
Holger Czukay - Persian Love
Harmonia - Hausmusik
Autechre - Weissensee Against Im Glück
Farben - Swinn Off
Can - Future Days (Carl Craig's Bladerunner Mix)
Hidden Hawaii Solaris Series - hh.q.ii.qq.bb.qqq.h.r.iii.rr.g.rrr.ddd.s.ii.ss.aaa.
Hype Williams - Warlord
Actress - Maze
BNJMN - One Sea (Lukid Remix)
Stanley Crouch - Ain't No Ambulances For No Nigguhs Tonight Part I

Northern By Nature Blog
Paul Riley's Mixcloud


Had a catch up with the man they call Gumnaam this week. While usually busy in the studio or relentlessly touring, he made time to come down and have a chat in Bm Soho with me. He also delivered some test pressings of the forthcoming release on Riddim & Culture (available exclusively here)

To get an idea of what he has been upto check out this little taster of the Riddim & Culture Dvd that will be released in the new year!

To keep up to date with Riddim & Culture and other projects by Gumnaam check these links:

Riddim and Culture TV
Gumnaam Facebook

Big up Gumnaam, always pushing the freshest sounds while still staying true to his roots!

Perc - Pattern Compulsions Mix

It very close to Christmas now and if you(like me) need some decent sound design to take you away and drown out all the festive shite, this is perfect. Get this down ya lug holes!! Perc's mix for the CYRK Pattern Compulsions series, focusing on noise/experimental/abstract sounds. Originally broadcast on London's Resonance FM on 29/11/12.

Perc - Pattern Compulsions #8 podcast by Perc


Ekoplekz – Narco Samba – Perc Trax
Hooray For Earth -Scaling – Dovecote Records
Test Dept. – Fall From Light – Some Bizzare
John Cohen – Juxd } – Broken20
Pinch & Shackleton – Torn And Submerged – Honest Jons
The Haxen Cloak – An Archaic Device – Aurora Borealis
The Black Dog – Greedy Gutter Guru (Richard H Kirk Remix) – Dust Science
William S. Burroughs – Junky (excerpt)
Perc – Pre-Steel (Tengui Remix) – Perc Trax
John Foxx & The Maths – Shatterproof (Warangler Remix) – Metamatic
Univac – Radiation A1 – Bunker
Einsturzende Neubauten – Gastarbeiterdub (Stahldubversion) – Potomak
Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave – Downwards

For more info on Perc Tracks:

Perc Trax Soundcloud
Perc Trax Main Site


Shout out to Bass Foundation for their continued support and for putting 'Pills/Potstir' at number four in their top ten tunes of December. Check out their latest studio mix below and links for more info on BassFoundation.

The Low Down - BASSFoundation Mix 5.0 by BASSFoundation

BassFoundations SoundCloud
Youtube Channel


Our second limited 12" is finally here! Thanks to everyone showing support.

Strago & Snooks - Pills (Preview) by niteshadeinc

Strago & Snooks - Potstir (Preview) by niteshadeinc

Only 300 pressed, hand stamped and numbered. Available in all good record shops:

Bm Soho (Formerly Black Market Records)

Hard Wax (Berlin)
Sounds Of The Universe (Soul Jazz)
If Music..
Juno records
Chemical Records

Tapeheads pt 2

1st pt now gone from soundcloud (hope you downloaded it!) 2nd part.. Oh gosh! bruk out!

Tapeheads (Part II) by J/o/n/e/s

Be-1ne Night Tracks Mix

Shout out to the Area Recordings boss for droppping both sides of our latest 12" in this guest mix for the Night Tracks Blog. Deep dark and twisted.. just how we like it!

Trk List:
1.Unknown - Untitled (Dubplate)
2.Strago & Snooks - Pills (Dubplate) Forthcoming Niteshade Inc
3.Lysergene - Spooks (Dubplate)
4.Strago & Snooks - Potstir (Forthcoming Niteshade Inc)
5.Fused Forces - Ocean Dawn (Area Recordings)
6.Compa - Sentance (Dubplate) Forthcoming Boka
7.DCult - Face the Sun (Area Recordings)
8.Be-1ne - Untitled (Dubplate)
9.Krytikal - Selfish Way (Area Recordings)
10.3rdeye - Yonaguni Dreams (Area Recordings)

Snooks @ Sub Fm

To celebrate the second release on Niteshade Inc (Pills/Potstir 12" out 30th Nov) Snooks has prepared a little taster mix for the Area Recordings show. The mix will be aired on Monday 21st Nov 6-8pm on Sub Fm and includeds lots of exclusives from the Niteshade Inc archive aswell as some other interesting bits and pieces Snooks is playing out at the moment.

Shout out to Area head honcho Be-1ne for sorting this out!

Area Recordings


Jon Digger - Step Up Mix

This talented London based Dj will be providing us with an exclusive series of future thinking DnB mixes very soon, till then this mix should whet your appetite. A different style than his usual fare but still expertly mixed with some classic tunes old and new. No bullshit edits or cds ere, all vinyl recorded in one take! Skank out!!


Track List:
1.Infiltrata - Psalm 24
2.Something about you (D-Bridge rmx)
3.Mikal - Shogun promo
4.Mysterons - Angel's Warning.
5.Screwheads - 36 Chambers promo
6.Breakage SP:MC - '08 promo
7.Icicle - Cold Fear
8.Future Prophecies - Mentally Destroyed
9.Resound - Second Thoughts
10.Icicle - Time To Remember
11.Calibre - Trip It
12.Lomax - On A Rope
13.Lomax - Artisan
14.Atlantic Connection - Dimension X
15.Serum & Bladerunner - Gunshot
16.Heist - Ambush (clip)
17.Loxy & Gremlinz - Silver Steez
18.Need For Mirrors & Stapleton MC - Greasy
19.Total Science, S.P.Y & Dj Lee - Relentless
20.Data - Bleak
21.D-Bridge - Freedom Club
22.Outrage - New Faces
23.Serum & Bladerunner - Snake Fist
24.Madlib (Outro)


Selection@3Blind Mice Sat 29th Oct

We are back at Selection alongside Miss Pink this Sat 29th Oct. Expect roots/reggae/dub from 9pm onwards.. . You know the score..

3Blind Mice
5 Ravey Street
City of London EC2A 4QW
020 7739 7746

Miss Pink Facebook

Podcast 7: Whø?

If you enjoyed the Whø?- Badass Buildup mix I posted recently you'll be happy to hear I got in contact with the DJ behind it, and have managed to get an exclusive podcast out of the mysterious fella they call Whø?. I found out about Whø? mixes via the site for a group of Berlin based artists calling themselves PamPig (For more info see links below) As with the previous Whø? mix this ones a selection of the old and new.. all deep and dark as you like! Enjoy!

niteshadeinc podcast 7 by whø?

Track List
Vex'd – Bombardment Of Saturn
DJ Madd – Blank Space
Kryptic Minds – The Fifth
Distance – 'Ill Kontent'
Chasing Shadows – The End
Kryptic Minds – The Fifth
Goth Trad – Cut End
Goth Trad – Sublimation
SPL – Abyss
Distance – Traffic
Vex'd – Thunder

Whø? Soundcloud
Whø? Mixcloud
Info on PanPig People

Platinum Era

If you are interested in the history of sound system culture, check this nice little documentary on Saxon and Coxsone Sound in the UK. This is crucial!

Selection@3Blind Mice Sat 24th Sep

If you like intimate venues and Roots music, this ones for you! Get down to the 3 Blind Mice bar this Saturday 24th Sep 9pm onwards! I'll be pulling for my fave roots classics and rarities alongside Dj Miss Pink. Selectaah!

3Blind Mice
5 Ravey Street
City of London EC2A 4QW
020 7739 7746

Miss Pink Facebook

David Rodigan - LIVE @ CABLE 17/09/11

Theres too much goodness this week! Mr Rodigan brings the badness in this set recorded at the last Metalheadz. Johnny Cash @ Cable tho... not sure about that! A! A! A!
David Rodigan - LIVE @ CABLE 17/09/11 by Metalheadz

Whø? - Badass Build Up

Like a bus... Heres another great mix (Dont watch the intro!) Not much info on the Dj just yet.. But he/she is something to do with a label and blog called PamPig. Check the links below to find out more!

badass buildup by whø?

Track List
Strago & Snooks – Infect
James Blake – Pan
Toasty – Cold Blooded
Monkeysteaks – Lighthouse Dub (Pinch Remix)
Pinch – Cave Dream
Appleblim – Fear
Milanese – Double Face (feat. Kate Kestrel)
Kion – Rocka
Pinch – Swish
Mathhead – Stagger Dub
Search & Destroy – Candyfloss (Loefah Remix)
Scarecrow – Taken

Whø? Soundcloud
Whø? Mixcloud
Whø? Pampig

Podcast 6: Dj Anthologic

Introducing Dj Anthologic straight outta Ontario, Canada. I have enjoyed this gentlemans mixes on soundcloud so much I asked him to do one for us. Nice touch with the artwork too! This ones for all you proper dubsteppers! Sit back, skin up and meditate to the bass weight!!

To Stream/Download Click Here

1. Roots (Original Mix) - V.I.V.E.K.
2. Pressure - DJG
3. Blue Flowers (Acapella) - Dr. Octagon
4. Sweet Nightmares - Kromestar
5. Tattyland - Hatcha & Lost
6. Kuru - Strago & Snooks
7. Return - Lurka
8. Capa - Killawatt
9. Beg to Differ (DJG Remix) - The Spit Brothers
10. Gremlins - Hatcha & Lost
11. Spacecakes - DJG & Headhunter
12. Infect - Strago & Snooks
13. Terminal - Jack Sparrow
14. Nocturnal Feelings - J:Kenzo
15. Murda - Tes La Rok
16. Trigger Finger - Benny Page & Zero G
17. Cold Blooded (Original Mix) - Kryptic Minds & Youngsta
18. Who's There (Original Mix) - Youngsta & Seven
19. Silly Little Things (Cymatic remix) - Dub From Atlantis
20. Good Feeling - Ben Verse
21. Lights Out (Original Mix) - Enigma Dubz
22. Roots (Original Mix) - V.I.V.E.K.

Dj Anthologic Soundcloud
Dj Anthologic Facebook

Insect Orchestra

Light sensitive sensors, test tubes, a bag of crickets and a Microcontroller to convert the signals from the light sensors into MIDI then send that to your fave instruments/plug ins.. voilà! Your own Bug Band! Once again a project that I couldn't really Skank out to..

Artist: Jochem Van Grieken, student at HKU school of fine arts in Utrecht,Netherlands.



Dj Ritual - Egg & Chips Mix

Mr Ritual returns with another fuckin mental DnB mix for all you ravers out there! Lots of goodies in the mix to shock out to!! You heard it here first!

To Download/Stream click here


Niteshade Inc are proud to present our first limited 12" release! We've had loads of support! So thank you everyone who has already got this in the bag! If you aint, and like your music sub heavy, dark and tribal check it out!

Kuru (Preview) by niteshadeinc
Infect (Preview) by niteshadeinc

Niteshade Inc 001 is avalable via all good record shops:

Bm Soho (Formerly Black Market Records)
Sounds Of The Universe (Soul Jazz)
Insularis Records
Chemical Records
Juno records

Limited run of 300 handstamped and numbered 12" so grab em while they last!

Check out some of Niteshadeinc forthcoming releases here.

The Centrifuge #51

Check out Brap Fm here
Anstam Link

Arts In The Park

Thats my Nan that is!

The Youth Arts and Animation Organisation aims to introduce children to the creative and colourful world of animation. Working in a range of animation techniques, the Y.A.A works with children to develop ideas and stories that can be made into short animated films.

Helping students through all stages of work, from ideas, storyboarding and character design to the final animation, the Y.A.A can help create and facilitate ideas or themes that the school is studying or can develop new ideas with the students.

Youth Arts and Animation Website

Dj Flight

Big up Dj Flight for dropping Pills on her Rinse Fm show 'The Next Chapter'. As usual, a wicked selction of tunes mixed up nice! Check it!

Track List:
1. Jay 5ive & Kromestar - Wishful Thinking
2. Bop - An Open-Eyed Dream
3. Until Silence - The Wanderer
4. Pursuit Grooves - Transformation Of Consciousness
5. Snooks & Strago - Pillz
6. Von D - Asap
7. Fracture & Neptune - Guava
8. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream (Lynx Remix)
9. 2sides - Oldtown
10. Jack Sparrow & Baobinga - Transpennine Express
11. ASC - Interlude 1
12. M.U.T.E. - Discordia
13. Bal - Want
14. System - Go Again
15. Dminds - Sub Crate
16. Craggz & Parallel - Inscription
17. Skeptical & Dub Phizix - Four
18. Dillinja - Love To
19. Fracture - No Name
20. Paradox - Unknown
21. Heavy1 - Voyager 2
22. Flight - Untitled
23. B.A.U. - Programmed Love
24. Method Oe - The City Sleeps
25. dBridge - So Lonely
26. Bass Clef - Rollercoasters Of The Heart
27. Presk - Mold
28. The Elementz - Hotpantz
29. Letherette - No Point
30. Floating Points - Marilyn

Podcast 5: Dj Digz 'The Breakout'

After a massive hibernation period Niteshade Inc Podcasts are back! Number 5 is finally here! Introducing Dj Digz, a young Dj hailing from North London."The Breakout" is a smoothly mixed collection of some of the best Drum and Bass you'll have heard in years. Drumstep, Halftime DnB, Experimental, whatever you wanna call it.. It's pure meditative vibes! Expect more from the man they call Digz very soon!!

To Download/Stream Click Here

Track List:
1. ASC - Symbol #1
2. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Sci-Clone
3. Test Press by Abacus
4. Despot - Rogue State
5. Sabre - One Man Jetison
6. Skeptical - Another World
7. Raiden - Roentgen
8. June Miller - Poison The Well
9. Mark System - Tension
10. Digital - Weather
11. Breakage - The Hunger (V.I.P.)
12. Data - The Fold
13. Mystical - The Eleventh Hour Feat. DRS
14. Data - Burning Paradise
15. Despot - Concert
16. Mode - Warning

For more info on Dj Digz Check his Facebook page


Big up Dj Kion @ Ministry of Sound Radio for dropping Kuru on his Dubpressure show. The Kuru/Infect 12" will be hitting all good record shops within the next few weeks!

Trk List:
1. Dj Madd - The Battle
2. Jkenzo - The Roteks
3. Benton - Smash That Badger
4. Truth - Fatman Vip
5. Natural Marcus - Talks Of The Prejudiced [Clouds Remix]
6. Crisp - House Life
7. Advocate - Pillowfield
8. Strago & Snooks - Kuru
9. Addison Groove - This Is It
10. Jupiter & Ma Shi Faï - Praising : Jah Bunzer0 Remix
11. Substep Infrabass - Antumbra
12. Jkenzo - Protected
13. Truth - Dreams Can Never Come True
14. Be-1ne - Caplet

Bob Moog

One of my all time heros. Bob Moog the Granddaddy of electronic musical instruments passed away in 2005, Monday would have been his 77th birthday.

Hail to the Moog!

Image from the Bob Moog Foundation (Links below)

The little ditty below was created by Moog engineer Steve Dunnington (along with afew Minimoog Voyagers) to celebrate Bob and the legacy he left behind :)

Moog related links:

Moog Music Inc

Bob Moog Archive @ the Moog Foundation

Info on supporting the Moog Foundation
Link for the Bob Moog Memorial Foundation, teaching young people science using synths, theremins and music.

Electronic Beats Bring the goods

Anyone who appreciates electronic music should get this down em..
Detroit.. Berlin? Richie Hawtin? Ello..

Check Electronic Beats Youtube channel for more niceness.


what the....

Dubstep Yn London

Mr Gumnaam takes us on his Dubstep journey inna London town! The following 3 vids feature Ray Keith,Crazy D,Cotti, Enme and some bloke called Snooks...

Watch out for the next episode featuring El-b over@ www.froeks.tv

Big up Gumnaam and all ma Dutch massive!

Check the following links for more Riddim+Culture info:

Exclusive Riddim & Culture Vol 3 12" @BM Soho (Formerly Blackmarket Records)

Riddim & Culture Youtube Channel

Area Recordings Podcast 6

Be-1ne presents Area Recordings Podcast 6 featuring 'Infect' By Strago and Snooks (Forthcoming 12" release on Niteshadeinc)

Area Recordings Podcast 006 mixed by Be-1ne by Area Recordings

Track listing:
Neinstein - Kipoor
Legendr4y - That Kid's Got Spirit
Strago & Snooks - Infect
DCult - Particle
Crisp - Surge
Lysergene - Tundra
Be-1ne - System Alignment
DCult - Face the Sun
Demon - 3.40am
Safire - Disperse
Krytikal - Selfish Ways
Be-1ne - Soar
Fused Forces - Ocean Dawn
Lysergene - K-Hole
Instinct & Thelem - Apocrypha
Be-1ne & Forensics - Lighthouse (Prototype Version)

Big up Be-1ne for featuring 'Infect' in the mix! Be sure to check his latest 12" for Area 'Cane Cutter'

Urban Remix

This is an unusual app featuring a mixture of Field Recording and geo-tagging.. not as unusal as the guy doing the voiceover.. But very interesting none the less (Although I Couldnt dance AT ALL, to ANY of that shit...)

What the f**k?

Im a massive fan of Noisia and their aural assault (the good type) waged on the world.. but I thought I was on glue when I first saw this on soundcloud... big up the Noisia boys and Katy Perry(?)for this mad co-lab!

Katy Perry - E.T. (Noisia Remix) by NOISIA

Kryptic Minds Fact Mix

Deep dark business from Kryptic Minds mixed up nice for Fact Mag.

FACT mix 241 - Kryptic Minds (Apr '11) by Kryptic Minds


Badness straight outta India! The BASSFoundation a Night/Collective that brings the vibes with this studio mix! Regardless of the style of music on the platter its all dubwise! Pow!

BASSFoundation Mix 4.0 - Soundboy Zindabad! by BASSFoundation

Track List:
1. Jazzsteppa – Taylor Rain
2. G31 – Red Ocean Dub
3. Mungo’s Hi Fi – Dubplate Fi Dem
4. Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (feat. Spen G)
>> The Hempaholics – Serious (Rack ‘n’ Ruin dubstep remix)
5. Evergreen, Landlord & Ruckspin feat. Danman - Righteous (RSD dubstep remix)
6. DJ Madd - When I First Met You
7. Emalkay – Crusader
8. War - 2Dark
9. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax - NYC-2-Africa (Dubstrumental)
10. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax -Dem Can't Stop We From Talk(feat.Anthony B)
11. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax - NYC-2-India (feat. Delhi Sultanate)
12. Million Stylez - Police In Helicopter (Dubplate)
13. Da Grynch - Police In Helicopter (Instrumental)
14. Rebel MC - Wardance (Serial Killaz VIP mix)
>> Ed Solo & Deekline - Ragga Tip
15. Serial Killaz - Walk & Skank
16. Marcus Visionary - Fallen Angels
17. Breakage – Old Skool Ting
18. Ed Solo & Deekline – Bad Bwoy
19. Marcus Viosionary - In This Time
20. Deekline, Ed Solo & MC Darrison - English Queens
21. Viniselecta – Bless I (dub mix)
>> Me&You – Last Night (Benny Page remix)
22. King Timothy – Gerrard Street
23. Me&You – Last Night
24. Me&You – Last Night (Benny Page remix)
25. Babylon Timewarp - Durban Poison (Bladerunner remix)
26. St Cal – Red Light
27. Digital - Shanty
28. Calibre - Steptoe
29. Genotype - Version
>> Calibre - Thirst Dub
30. Gumnaam - Feel It

Big up the peeps behind it:

DJs: Praxis & Big Daddy Klein
MC: Delhi Sultanate
Mastering: Jatin Puri

More Info:

Icicle Masterclass

The man they call Mr Freeze shows ya how he does..

Mentha - A Dark Dream Mix

Mentha on the wheels of steel with a promo mix for a new event 'Mind The Dubstep' @ The Workshop, Shoreditch 25th of March 2011.

S'all about track 5 if you ask me! Pow!

Mentha - A Dark Dream Mix - MTD @ The Workshop Promo by Mentha

1. Kryptic Minds – Can't Sleep (Feat Alys Be) – Blackbox
2. Rajaz – Dawn Blues – Dub
3. Grooki – Come to Me – Dub
4. Vivek – Pulse - Deep Medi Musik
5. Strago & Snooks – Infect – Dub
6. Benton – Take Me Away – Giveaway
7. Jobanti – Tromerone - Dub
8. Dj Madd – Detroit Skunk – Boka
9. Ben Verse – Venomous – Live Beyond
10. Lurka – Tempted – Blackbox
11. Icicle Ft Proxima - Breathing Again - Shogun Audio
12. Spherix – Lesser People - Immerse
13. Addison Groove – Work It – Swamp 81
14. Dj Madd – Secretes – Wheel & Deal
15. Mr Boogie – Breakdown (feat Fused Forces) – Sequence
16. Coki – Shock It – DMZ
17. Kutz – Wined Up – Giveaway
18. Caski – Gorilla Clap - Giveaway

Mind the dubstep

LionDub Mix

A nice little mix I'm feeling at the moment. From the man behind the legendary label 'Lion dub International' Mr Liondub himself! Such a great label that has released lots of great dnb,dubstep and now even roots 7"'s! They always bring the vibez! So bill up and wack this on ya system! Pure fire!!

Liondub - Dubspot Podcast Series by Dubspot

Track List:
1. Pinch Croydon House – Swamp81
2. Boddika – Underground – Swamp81
3. Jack Sparrow – Dread Ft. Ruckspin – Tectonic
4. Jack Sparrow – The Chase – Tectonic
5. Jack Sparrow – Loveless – Tectonic
6. Benga – Technocal – Tectonic
7. Boddika – Electron – Swamp81
8. Skream – Trapped In A Dark Bubble – Tectonic
9. Pinch – Elements – Swamp81
10. Kryptic Minds – 768 – Tectonic
11. Kryptic MInds – Cant Sleep Ft. Alys – Black Box
12. SP MC & LX One – Judgement – Tempa
13. Jakes – Time Ends – Tectonic
14. Helixir – Summertime – 7even
15. Ena – Sign – 7even
16. Pangaea – Inna Daze – Hessle Audio
17. Starkey – Robot Hands – Civil Music
18. Peveralist & Hyetal – The Hum – Punch Drunk
19. Ramadanman – Work Them – Swamp81
20. Addison Groove – Dumb Shit – Swamp81

Link to Dubspot Interview with Dj Liondub

Looking at wireless networks

A team of designers and researchers of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design with their wifi knowhow plus abit of slow exposure photography have made it possible for us to see a visual representation of the wireless network signals of Grünerløkka, Oslo.

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi from Timo on Vimeo.

[If you find yourself thinking anything other than 'ohhh pretty lights' continue reading information below:]

The film "Immaterials: Light painting WiFi" is made by Einar Sneve Martinussen, Jørn Knutsen and Timo Arnall from AHO's Institute of Design. All three are currently working on their PhD thesis in interaction design, related to various research projects at the institute. The film is part of the research project YOUrban, dealing with the intersection between design, technology and urban life.

- In everyday life we are surrounded by invisible technological phenomena, which to a greater or lesser extent, affects the way we use and experience our surroundings. We want to uncover some of these phenomena and show how they are part of the cities and the places we live in", says Einar Sneve Martinussen.

The project explores the invisible terrain for wireless networks in urban space through measuring the signal strength with LED lights, "captured" by long exposure photographs. A four meter long measuring rod with 80 points of light reveals the meeting points between different WiFi networks using a photographic technique called "light painting”. The technique was developed in 2009 for the film "Immaterials: the Ghost in the Field", which shows the invisible fields surrounding RFID readers.

The Ghost In The Field
Immaterials: Light painting WiFi Flickr

Ruba Dub Pics

'I was in Dalston'

'Guinness, zoot, early set..'

'Fuck digital.. with analog'
[Insert Deep Roots vibes and Dubwiseness ere..]

'My screwface lady'

'Screwface leaving'

Cool little place, check it out if you get a chance.

Also keep an eye out for future line ups @ Mutate over at the Radsauce site!

Shout out to Snifit and Sai an also my Doorman on the night! He was diggin the rubdub style so much he wanted on the mic! Jeeez...

Snooks@Mutate 06.03.11

Come down Dalston and chill with me on a sunday! I'll be supplying some hangover curing mediative beats. Expect some Roots/Steppers/Dub/DigiDub and generally all things good basswise!

Rad Sauce is a blog dedicated to "saucing" experimental, wonky and bassline driven beats including but definitely not limited to Dubstep, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Wonky, Future Beat, Glitch Hop, Step-no, 2 Step, Garage, Grime, Techno, IDM and everything in between. Updated weekly with the latest tracks, albums, club nights and general music culture.

Link to Rad Sauce Home Page
Radsauce Presents Mutate Facebook Group

Neglectik Mixtape

Eres a big bad bate dubstep mix from a gentleman called Neglectik straight outta Belgium! Pow!

Reggae Roast

For our latest interview we have Dj Moodie, one of the founders of London's number one reggae event 'Reggae Roast'. Listen to the tracks from their latest release while you read all about it!

Righteous EP by ReggaeRoast

Welcome to Niteshade Inc, lets get straight to it.When David Rodigan interviewed you on Kiss you said Reggae Roast started in the Grand Union down Kentish town way. What was it like to go from that to end up playing at nights like DMZ and festivals like the Big chill with big sound systems and massive crowds?

Yeah, it started in a bar in Kentish Town with about 50 people, so it has been amazing to see Reggae Roast grow and develop over the past 3 years. It was great when we used to hold it at the Grand Union. There was always a great atmosphere and people loved it but we wanted to keep it fresh, which is why we try and keep it moving. I have been going to festivals for years now and its great to be rocking festivals that I was going to when I was a kid. It feels like playing Reggae outdoors in the summer is how the music is meant to be played so its always a pleasure.

Where does your love of the various strains of Jamacan music come from?

I guess I got the bug from my older brother. He has been collecting Reggae vinyl and yard tapes since the 80s so I grew up with it in the background. When I started DJing Hip Hop in the 90's he started passing down records to me and I started building up my collection. Then when I was about 17 or 18 I started to going to Solution Sound and Jah Shaka Dances. I guess it has just grown from there.

Name one track that you couldnt live without and why?

At the moment its probably a track called Aufstehn by a group called Seeed. Its a dutty riddim and I have never heard any other DJ play it which is kind of cool. I will usually slip it into a set a some point, but it goes in fazes because tunes get rinsed and you have to find the next fatty to replace it.

You have had some amazing selectors and artists at your events since they started in 2007, if you had to choose who would you say has been your favorite and why?

That's a tough one because there have been so many. Some of my favourite shows would have to include:

The Wailers, Id never seen them live before so it was kind of special to see such a legendary group playing a few feet in front of you. Collie Budz smashed it, the whole club was singing along and there was a great vibe. David Rodigan killed it too, his sets are like a history lesson and a dance wrapped into one. Then there was Aba Shanti i, Channel One, Earl 16..... there have been too many to mention.

Tell us about the recently launched label and what plans you have for it in the future?

The label is going really well, it's really exciting. We are now on our fifth release (3rd on vinyl) and its great to be making a contribution to the UK Reggae scene (hopefully). The 'Righteous EP' 12" was out on monday 7th Feb and has been getting a great response so go and kop it from any good record store! Coming up next on the label we have a really nice track by Earl 16 called 'Dis Reggae Music' which has been produced by Nick Manasseh and is to be followed by our next compilation CD and a Kenny Knots tune. We are trying to keep up the momentum with releases every 2-3 months so keep your eyes peeled.

What artists/djs/systems are you feeling at the moment?

Im really feeling Dandilion and his group The Drop. He's a young singer (who featured on our first 7" single 'Serious') and has a wicked vibe and good message to his music. Chris Peckings is doing some great stuff reintroducing some classic Studio 1 material with a contemporary twist. Conscious Sounds, who are playing at our next event this friday have been consistently putting out good material for time and Mungo's Hi Fi have raised the bar for UK based Reggae but there are lots of people doing good stuff.

What is your opinion of the current state of the uk music industry?

It's pretty hard at the moment, piracy had already hit it hard before the recession hit so it's a double wammy for the music industry. Its not easy out there. Especially in terms of selling records. That's what is frustrating, if we were doing what we are doing now 10 years ago it probably would have been a lot easier. But you have to accept things for what they are and try and make the best of them. It's important for people to understand if they feel the music, they should support it as it enables us to keep putting more out.

For the people out there who have not been to a Reggae Roast event can you let them know what there are in for?

Positive vibes, heavyweight music, beautiful people and smiling faces. Come down and experience it for yourself!

Thank you for your time, big up! keep spreading your message! Do you have anything else to say before this ends?

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has come down to our events and supported our releases so far. Its a people coming together thing and without the energy that everyone brings it wouldn't be anything. Also cheers to you Snooks. Big ups all the way!

The next Reggae Roast event is on Friday 11th Feb @ The CAMP.

You can buy all Reggae Roast releases and get more info on events at their website www.reggaeroast.co.uk

Dj Ritual 'About F**king Time' Exclusive Mix

Our first exclusive mix of the year! Dj Ritual bringing the beatz and bass with his 'About F**king Time' mix. On point mixing skills matched with naughty tune selections and rowdy vibez all round. No one can say Niteshade Inc dont cater for you ravers out-there!! Now skank out!

Track listing to follow. Hold tight!

Dj Ritual Mixes (links to stream/download):
Dj Ritual - About F**king Time
Dj Ritual Bonus Mix 1
Dj Ritual Bonus Mix 2

I'll Take One Lake

This clip hits the spot for me! I'm sure there are plenty of people out there reading this that know what Im talking about! Big up Robert Henke with his audio school lecturer stylee!

Robert Henke at Decibel Festival 2010 from Primus Luta on Vimeo.

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Future Music

Interesting podcast that I recommend to anyone into music and technology.

Music Tech in Review - Episode 1 - Podcast Chat by cdm

Fresh Minute Music Podcasts

Its 2011 people! Skank out to the latest podcast from Fresh Minute Music! Killa!

Track Listing:
1. Lv ft Errol Bellot and Rubi Dan - Crossfire
2. Emmanuel Jal - Kuar
3. A Made Up Sound - Demons
4. Black Coffee - Juju
5. Depth ones - A depth dubbin thing
6. Love Birds - Love and happiness
7. Julio Bashmore - Battle for middle u
8. Brassroots - Goodlife
9. Julio Bashmore - Chasm
10. Cosmin Trg - Groove control
11. Didz and Chico - Something new - Ten thousand yen
12. Boddika - Boddikas house - Naked Lunch
13. Incredible bong band - Sharp nine(Klik remix)
14. Session Victim - Million Dollar Feeling - Dellusions of Granduer
15. John Martyn - Solid Air - Island
16. Unknown
17. Fela Kuti - Let's start what we came into the room to do (live)