Podcast 9: Gantz

We found this guy via soundcloud and really liked his productions. After hitting him up he has kindly supplied us with an exclusive mix, deep as ya like and filled with killer dubs and forthcoming releases.

Niteshade Inc Podcast 9: Gantz by Gantz

I put afew small and straightforward questions to Gantz (we aint Wire mag people) to find out a little bit more about him:

Who are you?
I am Emir. I am human ,I build tunes, and Dj.

Where are you from?
Istanbul, Turkey.

How long have you been alive?
It has been 23 years now.

What do you do when not making music?
I study music at Istanbul Bilgi University, I attend my classes and I'm usually busy with school. So when I'm not making music I am basically studying it.

Why dubstep?
Well, what attracted me the most was how the percussive elements are blended with the sub bass and the atmosphere that covers it all. It's part of dance music, but it's kind of not at the same time, I like the idea where people go to a club and rather then jumping like crazy, just vibe to the tunes. Everything about it excites me and inspires me.

Well DMZ is always a big influence. All the percussion masters in the scene really. I also get very influenced by mixes. The way a tune blends with some other tune makes them a whole different tune together, kind of an offspring. I usually find myself getting ideas from that kind of stuff. And i get very influenced by the gigs that I attend. You suddenly know how you want to express yourself sonically when you see 500 people vibing together to some music. I build beats inside my head everytime I'm watching a concert really it's mental.

Future plans?
I just want to get better at producing and keep building tunes. That is my plan.

How do you perceive the dubstep/bass music scene/s at the moment?
It is crazy. I cannot believe how many good producers are out there and the good thing about it is you can connect with all of them via the internet. The amount of talent that is out there is just amazing. Dubstep is holding on to its pureness and originality like it did from day one I think. It gets distractions from media and all that but no harm done. What is there is there.

Track List:
Prefuse 73 - from the east intro (Warp Records)
Ipman - Swarm (dub)
Lurka - Blank (freebie)
Perverse - Charade (dub)
Gantz - Left Right Hindsight (forthcoming Innamind Recordings)
Gantz vs Collision - Chant (forthcoming TRIBE12)
Gantz - No Love (Fentplates)
J.Robinson - The Maasai (dub)
Ipman - MOB Mentality (forthcoming BOKA)
Shackleton - International Fires

Gantz Soundcloud